Chelsea Castor
I'm a 28 year old "newlywed" since the summer of 2009.  I moved to Southington with my husband shortly after our wedding and couldn't be happier here!
I write a food blog called Sprinkles of Parsley, a website designed to provide a useful and reliable source for good home cooked recipes made from scratch with fresh ingredients. My family always taught me the importance of good home cooked meals growing up.  For the nutritional value, of course, but also the irriplaceable warm memories food creates. For those reasons, I knew when we got married I wanted to become the best cook I could for my husband and for the kids we would one day have together. Of course my family made cooking look so easy, but at first I found myself lost in the kitchen.  Unable to throw together meals as I had always watched my mom do.  So I became a student to the resources I found around me- the internet, family recipes, and excellent cookbooks.  Through my quest to  become a better cook, I learned cooking isn't as intimidating as it seems.  In fact, it's quite easy when you follow the right steps.  My blog is designed to provide you with the easy steps necessary to make the delicious dishes I've found, tested, and fallen in love with.  Hope you enjoy following my home cooked dishes!   If you like what you see on Patch, check my blog out at Sprinkles of Parsley for more  of my recipes and step by step tutorials!
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