Sneak Peek of 'All In All'

Blogging my book 'All in All' on my new website, wordsbyk.com, will allow me to share my posts with Patch.

As the buildings and streets crumbled all around him, the world that was his own making began to dissolve into the black dust, leaving behind darkness as it flowed with the last breath of William’s crafted wind. A tear ran down his face and over his smiling lips. For the first time he was truly alone, yet the only time he did not feel lonesome. The darkness had consumed what was all around him and began consuming him. The dust replaced his feet first and swiftly moved up to his knees, then hips, then the cage that kept his soul prisoner for too long, dissolving then the power that kept this cage running, leaving only his neck and face. The black dust was taking all that was of the creator.

Just before the dust and darkness could fully consume him, William opened his mouth to say the last words ever too be uttered again, “I’m free.”

Then he was nothing more than the darkness that was his world, leaving the tear that passed his lips and off his chin, floating with the insignificance that once was this life, before being swept away, following the nothingness that was taken before it.

William drove a road seemingly abandoned from all others of humanity as the sun began to try it’s best to over power the hills and clouds that attempted to keep the world from receiving it’s warmth and light. William’s only companions were his thoughts and the tray of four coffees that sat alongside him in the passenger seat. He continued to drive along the freeway that was able to detach itself from the cold dark city that William left behind. Nothing surrounded him and he liked it. Nothing clawing for his attention. No matter how tired he felt, he loved waking up that early. There was not a soul around and it’s as if the world is his own and no one else’s.

No matter how lonely he might be, William knew that he was at least in control of the here and now when he was on his desolate road. He drove under empty overpasses and thought of how much he liked them with no real reason why. He tried to think about what may be so significant to him that makes him always ponder the uniqueness of them. He felt ridiculous for thinking such simple things, but that’s why he liked this time. He didn’t have to worry about thinking or feeling a certain way. It was his own creation and could make of this time however he wanted, regardless of the fact he was on his way to a job where he had no control.

William sighed as other cars began to uproot his peace as they came onto to his road, impeding on his only time of power. He dreaded this time every morning, but he continued on until he turned off and into a little town where William weaved through it’s streets incased with decrepit buildings. He looked on as he passed by these homes that others had disregarded and appreciated them in a way that he felt others didn’t. He loves the old, yet his job was to make the new.

William pulled up to a house that was being worked on inside and out, almost stripped bare. The rest of the town was still asleep; just the way William liked it. He got out of his car and grabbed his tools and the tray of coffees. He placed the coffee on a some wooden planks laid over two stands. He grabbed one and set up his latter after enjoying a few sips of the warmth that traveled down through his chest, comforting him like a blanket would on a rainy day. He grabbed his tool belt and strapped it on. He carried his coffee to the roof where he began his work.

William worked hard for an hour or so and the other construction workers began to show up. William acknowledged them quickly and continued on his job. The other men went inside the house working on something completely different than what William was doing. He didn’t care what they were doing. William didn’t make much for conversation, even though they tried a few times to spark up some discussion with commonalities. William realized these men and him had no commonalities and seemed to only talk about women, booze, and sports. William wouldn’t say he wasn’t a fan of these, but how much can you talk about the same monotonous things before you want kill yourself?

To read the rest of Kay Groff's book's first chapter, please click here. Follow Kay Groft III on Twitter @KGroft_III

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