10 Questions for Always Organized Owner Gina LaRocca

Professional organizer serves the West Valley area through a virtual operation that relies on appointments with clients.

Always Organized was founded by San Jose resident Gina LaRocca to help customers in the South Bay organize themselves and give them ideas about "new beginnings" to any room, kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc. "Being organized is not only a matter of any area looking clean, but it's also a way of living a simple, clutter-free lifestyle," LaRocca said. The business only has a Facebook page and LaRocca works mostly virtually assisting clients through appointments. She serves Los Gatos, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Campbell, San Jose, Almaden Valley and Willow Glen. Details: 408-515-7191.

Patch: What did you dream of being as a kid?

Gina LaRocca: A dental hygienist.

Patch: How does your personality play into your business?

LaRocca: I am a very organized person and I like helping people a lot, as well.

Patch: At what moment did you decide to open a business?

LaRocca: I have always wanted a business ever since my dad opened his. Back then I was a lot younger so I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do at that point.

Patch: What inspired you?

LaRocca: My dad inspired me with having his business, along with family friends who have theirs.

Patch: Describe the biggest challenge of owning a business in the West Valley cities of Los Gatos, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Campbell?

LaRocca: Finding a way to be the most convenient as far as services for area homeowners.

Patch: Describe the best thing about owning a business in the town of Los Gatos?

LaRocca: The communities that are serve are very friendly and supportive. They're great places to provide our services. The businesses and their employees are so helpful and supportive.

Patch: What is one thing you would never change about your business?

LaRocca: I would never change my idea of what my business represents. It represents a clutter-free lifestyle tied together with a time convenient to my customers to work around their busy schedule.

Patch: What is your business' greatest asset?

LaRocca: I would say it's the convenience to my clients. I want to work with and around their busy schedule.

Patch: What are your favorite spots in these West Valley communities?

LaRocca: I would have to say their parks and their main street, or downtown areas.

Patch: What's one thing the community should know about you?

LaRocca: I am very outgoing and love meeting new people. Also, I am not in a store in any of these towns. I would go to wherever the organizing would need to be done. ex: bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, home offices, garages, kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, front rooms, kids' play rooms, living rooms and even boutiques.


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