Leprechaun Revelry at C.B. Hannegan's

More than 2,000 people pack Irish-American pub in downtown Los Gatos Thursday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Leaping leprechauns! Where did they all come from? And what a way to party!

Clad in green clothes, they descended upon small Bachman Avenue in downtown Los Gatos Thursday for  St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Instead of shoes and gold coins, they brought voracious appetites, a thirst for alcohol and a partying spirit.

Hosting the all-day bash were C.B. Hannegan's owners, Johnny Hannegan and Chris Benson, along with dozens of pub employees and volunteers who kept the crowd happy throughout the day.

From 9 a.m. to midnight, they feasted on an all-they-could-eat barbecue of ribs, drunken chicken, potato salad, clam chowder, garlic bread, cookies and much more. They also enjoyed live music, international bag pipers, Irish dancers and beer pong.


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