Robert Menkemeller
Robert's been an entrepreneur since 1990.  He's been studying business, health, technology and the mind since then.  He found one of his natural gifts as an artist in the sixth grade and is most happy when in the creative element.  He loves to stay active at the gym, playing golf and is getting back into playing tennis after 25 years off.
Always open to entrepreneurial opportunities, he's looking forward to meeting new people, networking and contributing to the Los Gatos community. Robert's two passions are health and technology.  He started his first Internet business in 1995 and has been studying Internet marketing since then.  In 2002, he started a company utilizing multimedia learning which involved video and interactive on-line software development.  He started doing Internet Marketing Consulting along with multimedia development in Nov. 2009 (seewww.remmultimedia.com).  He's been using his creative talent in videography in the last two years, producing on-line video news stories for the Brentwood Press and now with Los Gatos Patch.  Recently, he completed a 30 second Public Service Announcement to educate people about the signs of stroke, helping them be aware what to look out for.  The earlier you catch a stroke and get help, usually the better the outcome.
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