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Maaliea Wilbur is a new mother and local therapist aiming to keep the lives of those she works with moving forward with a sense of optimism and hope. As a Marriage and Family Therapist at TherapyWorks, Maaliea has supported the Los Gatos and surrounding communities for more than five years. Since becoming a mother, Maaliea has added the topic of parenthood to her existing interests alongside working with teens, families, and those impacted by alcohol and/or drug abuse. Maaliea is looking forward to launching an adolescent substance abuse program, which she has been developing. 
On a personal note, Maaliea enjoys spending time with her friends whom she has known since childhood, traveling to Tahoe for an amazing day boarding at Heavenly, long runs to clear her brain, Sunday breakfasts with her family, a day at home with her new baby and husband, and of course a daily latte on her drive to work.
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