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I am a local psychotherapist as well as a workplace wellness trainer and wellness speaker, and am a member of The National Speakers Association.   I am the co-author of a self-improvement book, The Swiss Cheese of Life: How To Get Through Life’s Holes without Getting Stuck In Them!  This book offers practical information and tips on developing resiliency as well as “thinking straight to feel great!”  
I frequently serve as a mental health guest on radio and print media.  My topics pertain to wellness, personal effectiveness  and life skills.   My passion is to speak on issues relating to overcoming challenges, staying positive, developing resiliency, and learning practical skills to become the best YOU!  I invite you to visit my web site at www.judybelmont.com and from there you can connect to my facebook page and other social media sites.  On my web page I offer original pictorial quotes called Daily Positive Inspirations.   I will be posting emtional wellness and mental health topics on the Patch blog and welcome comments!  You can also contact me at Judybelmont@emotionalwellnessforlife.com 
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