Auditor, Investigator, Notary Public, Insurance Vice President \ Artist \ Independent-Moderate \ DAR member-Daughter of Amercian Revolution \ Biblical Christianity \  I get the impression that 90% of people that submit to this site are cynical, sarcastic and contemptuous.  "Like a haboob, some people are full of darkness, dust and hot air."  My opinions, if any, will only appear on my profile.  ✫‿October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease  ⁀✫  / The normal boobs ( . )( . ), the silicone boobs ( + )( + ), the perfect boobs (o)(o). Some boobs are cold (^)(^), and some boobs belong to grandmothers \./\./ And let’s not forget the very large boobs (o Y o), and very small boobs (.)(.), and lastly the asymmetrical boobs (•)(.). All kinds of breasts are beautiful... and all kind can get cancer... Post this message on your wall and say ┌П┐(◉_◉)┌П┐ to breast cancer !
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