Going to the Baseball Game? It'll Cost You

Two hours away from the World Series opener, a ticket to see the San Francisco Giants face off against the Detroit Tights in Game 1 is not cheap.


Less than two hours before the first game of the World Series, tickets are still available, but they are not cheap.

On Stubhub.com, there are 1,745 tickets left, priced from $314.00 for a seat - er, a spot - as this price will buy you a standing room only ticket.

Wanna sit down? There are two seats, together, in section 333 - that's the upper balcony - far out in left field in row 10. Seats 5 and 6 will cost you $644.84 for the pair.

Maybe you want to get up close and personal to the action. There are a couple seats available in Dugout Club section 119. Those are field level seats, halfway between home plate and the Giants dugout. You'll be able to chat with the on deck hitters, maybe feel some spit in the wind when they put a new wad of tobacco inside their mouth.

For those privileges, the seats are $2300.00 each, $4600.00 for the pair.

But then, you're probably a conservative spender; you like baseball, but you've got a budget to watch. You want a decent seat, so you can see Hunter Pence's bat split. And you want to see Angel Pagan's face when a 3rd strike is called, and he just plain doesn't like it.

Well, here's a deal for you. Lower Box 123, Row 32 should be just what the doctor ordered. And a couple seats will only put you out $800 per ticket, or $1600 for a pair. Got a group? This seller has five seats. That'll be $4000 please.

So go have some fun. But make up your mind quickly. Because while I was writing, another 200 tickets were sold. We're now down to 1,554 tickets remaining. 1,554 lucky fans, certainly a little lighter in the pocket by the end of the night, but worth every penny.

Just go ahead and ask one.

Anne Ernst October 25, 2012 at 12:15 AM
I'll just stay home at root for the Detroit Tigers!
Claudia Cruz October 25, 2012 at 05:50 AM
I have a friend that went today. I'm a little jealous!
Mayra Flores de Marcotte October 25, 2012 at 05:53 AM
I met a couple of Campbell businessmen that bought tickets and were there tonight. Hope they had fun!


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