Taylor Middle School Participates in Statewide Shakeout

Millions of Californians are a part of the disaster drill.

by Coryne Wong

In preparation for another episode, schools across California participated in a Statewide Quake Drill. There were 9.3 million registered participants, compared to 8.6 million last year, according to ShakeOut.org.

The objective is to raise awareness about precautions to take during a magnitude-7.8 or larger quake along the southernmost area of the San Andreas Fault.

Taylor Middle School Stepped Up to the Plate!

On a beautiful day, Taylor students did an exemplary job regarding what to do in the situation of an earthquake disaster. They first ducked and covered, then silently walked out of their classrooms, led by their teachers.

The students assembled on the blacktop by class; each teacher held out a green card for all present, or a red card for missing student(s.) Students then gathered and sat down on the green grass by grade-level, waiting for a fictional pick-up. In addition, TMS added Search and Rescue, First Aid Stations, radio communication, and a Command Center.

Several of Mr. Dezutti’s students played the role of “victims” and “missing children.” As the local fire department, police representatives, and disaster teams arrived, they observed and deemed that Taylor Middle School did an exemplary job, especially given that the large student body, their diverse locations, and the huge campus.

As Principal Dr. Martin states: “Thank you for a very successful earthquake drill. The kids were great, staff response was amazing and Louis’ reading support class were victims.“

"What we do now, before a big earthquake, will determine what our lives will be like afterwards,'' said Rick Hindrichs, director of disaster services for the American Red Cross San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter. "With earthquakes an inevitable part of our future, we must act quickly to ensure that disasters do not become catastrophes -- getting a kit, making a plan and being informed are critical measures everyone can take.''

Practicing, drilling, and presenting fictionalized situations, as close as possible to an actuality, may save many lives.

California will continue to always have earthquakes and "the Big One" is expected at some point when it is thought that part of California will crack off into the ocean!

Imagine that! Only time will tell!


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