Los Gatos Patch Whiz Kid of the Week—Max Esslinger

This curious young man loves to learn and enjoys helping others.

Max Esslinger, age 17

School: Senior at


Naturally shy, Max is a diligent student who plays the trumpet in the Los Gatos High School Marching Band, plays golf on the LGHS Golf Team, and is an avid member of the LGHS speech and debate team, said proud father Hartmut Esslinger in an email interview.

His interests outside of school are numerous and include world history, political philosophy, reading, architecture and the German national soccer team—his parents are from Germany.

He's also fascinated with coin collecting, classic films and discussions on domestic and global affairs, Harmut Esslinger said.

Max also loves to travel around the world with his family, particularly to places of great historical or cultural importance. This summer, Max participated in programs at Georgetown and Stanford universities, and he often volunteers at the nursing home, dad Esslinger added.

Key to Awesomeness:

This is what Max offered, when asked what makes someone extraordinary: “Awesome people seem to do things because they are naturally inclined to, not because someone else tells them that they have to. If you pursue your interests with passion and commitment then you are awesome in my eyes.”

He continued: “If something goes wrong, you can’t let it derail you. Life is ever changing and unpredictable—no one knows how things will turn out. The best approach is one that allows for adaptation and change.”

Max said that having a positive and loving environment of friends and family is the most important thing a person can have. “I know that without the love and support of those around me I would not be the person I am today. Because of this, I also have a duty to show the same love and support to others—my family, friends, and peers—and give back to the community that has given me so much,” he noted.


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