An ADA-Friendly Resolution Run

Wheelchairs welcomed this year and elite open runners are participating, according to organizers.

Athletes in wheelchairs will be encouraged this year during the 17th annual Los Gatos Resolution Run taking place at 9 a.m. at

Although the 5-mile course is treacherous for those who attempt it—trail is not paved leading up to Lexington Dam—organizers will allow special-needs participants to go as far as they would like.

"It will be tough to get to the top of the Dam and back," said Willie Harmatz, race director and co-owner of store. "But they can go out as far as they want."

About 300 runners, walkers and people pushing strollers are also expected, Harmatz said, the same amount as last year.

Starting at 9 a.m., participants will run along the , up to the top of Lexington Dam and back down to the high school track, where the race ends. Same-day registration will be accepted.

Among those running this year are elite open speed demons Lenin Zapata and Lisa Renteria. Zapata is an open runner who's a pedal-to-the-metal type of competitor. He participates in many local races placing first. He's not associated with any team or club. Renteria is another open runner, just like Zapata, who is a former West Valley College running coach.

All proceeds from race registration fees benefit the Los Gatos Athletic Association, which will use the money to pay for sports programs at the high school. The money directly supports the school's track team and pays for traveling expenses and uniforms, he added.

Registration is $15 now at the store without a long-sleeve T-shirt and $20 on race day, also without the T-shirt.

With the T, registration is $30 before the event and $35 on day of event.

Harmatz said the store is running out of the running T due to its popularity and cool design, but said those who want one can still sign up to receive it after the event.

Temperatures Sunday morning will be perfect for racing with an expected 55 or 60 degrees and cloudy. "I already talked to God and He said no rain on Jan. 1. He promised me no rain," quipped Harmatz.

Cheering on the crowd will be 56. She races competitively, and in 2009, 2010 and 2011 won the Boston Marathon in her age division. 

Harmatz coached track and cross country at Los Gatos High School for 25 years.

Refreshments and goody bags for the first 300 finishers will be provided.

For more information about the race, visit losgatosresolutionrun.com or call Athletic Performance at 408-354-7365.

MichaelJ December 30, 2011 at 01:47 AM
I ran this last year after much persuasion from my wife. this is one of those experiences that, until you try them, you don't know what you are missing. Of course, go easy on the New Year's eve festivities, or you'll end up taking a cab to the finish line. I saw people from all ages there and I was so encouraged to train even harder. then I went home and took my first nap of the year. Talk about a Happy New Year!!!


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