Missing Your State Tax Refund? The FTB Is Looking For You

The Franchise Tax Board has nearly $600,000 in returned refunds from Santa Clara County residents. It would like to put that money in the correct hands.


If you moved last year, or if you put an incorrect address on your state tax refund request, and never got the cash, that money is waiting for you.

The California Franchise Tax Board announced Monday that over $590,000 in mailed checks was returned to Sacramento, intended for residents of Santa Clara County. Eighty-seven taxpayers in Mountain View have nearly $39,000 waiting for them. In Cupertino, $43,032.34 waits for 38 taxpayers.

More than $14 million in returned state income tax refunds is waiting for all state residents.

"I want to make sure all taxpayers receive their refunds and as quickly as possible," said State Controller John Chiang in a release sent to Patch. "This is an easy way update your contact information and get the refund before the holiday season."

According to the FTB information supplied, nearly 48,000 refunds, ranging from $1 to $35,000 were returned by the US Postal Service in 2012. Taxpayers who moved and failed to update their addresses are the main reason refunds are returned.

You can update an address through the Access MyFTB Account feature on FTB’s website. The FTB says it reissues returned refunds automatically once a new address is received.

Taxpayers expecting a state refund, or unsure if they received their refund, can access FTB’s Check Your Refund Status.

The FTB also suggests taxpayers are better off using direct deposit when filing their tax returns. By doing so, taxpayers receive their tax refund within days rather than waiting weeks for a paper refund.

City Returned Refunds # of Taxpayers Santa Clara Co $590,806.73 1,681 Patch Cities: Campbell $12,297.83 39 Cupertino $43,032.34 38 Los Altos $26,579.22 15 Los Gatos $6,426.24 25 Mountain View $38,640.77 87 Saratoga $14,193.25 16 Santa Cruz Co $62,792.70 341 Patch Cities: Santa Cruz $21,359.37 84


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