Look Up At 7 p.m. Tuesday Night: It's The International Space Station!

The International Space Station orbits Earth, we all know that. Did you know you can see it Tuesday night?


Did you know you can see the International Space Station orbiting over your house sometimes? Tuesday night is one of those evenings.

Space buffs know this, and there are a lot in this valley, with NASA Ames just down the road. Now you, do, too.

Look up at 7:13 p.m. It should be visible for 3 minutes, appearing West-Northwest, and disappearing South-Southeast. As the third-brightest object in the sky, NASA promises it should be easy to see, if you kow where to look. 

So here's where that is. NASA has supplied the following information via "Spot the Shuttle:"

Tue Feb 26 7:13 PM, Visible: 3 min, Max Height: 49 degrees, Appears: WNW, Disappears: SSE

If you want alerts of when the space station will be orbiting overhead sign up for alerts at NASA's "Spot The Station" site


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