In 'Tracks to Nowhere' Filmmaker Craig Comstock Delves into the Dark Side of Santa Cruz

Comstock, husband of city councilwoman Pamela Comstock, talked to drug addicts and was shocked at how much they told him.

Filmmaker Craig Comstock has spent weeks on the streets talking to the people most everyone else ignores – the city's drug addicts.

And he was shocked that the people who are passed by every day by drivers openly told him what was on their minds when he interviewed them on camera.

"What did I learn? How these people are complaining that they are on the bottom and feel hopeless, but next to them is a bag of Calloways they've stolen to buy their drugs. They are drug-sick. They need to do anything they can to get the next fix."

Comstock, whose work includes the forthcoming epic about Jackie Robinson called 42, said he wanted to do a community service to help people see the problem around them and come up with solutions to keep addicts from the vicious cycle of addiction and crime.

The filmmaker is the husband of city councilwoman Pamela Comstock, who made fighting crime a big issue in her recent campaign. Craig said most of them have been in jail many times, but get sent out again to the streets by the "revolving door" of the justice system. One woman told him she had to get clean after being in jail because she did so much methamphetamine there.

He is thinking about boiling down the eight hours of footage he has so far into a 42-minute movie. He's posted the above preview on YouTube.

"I couldn't believe how open these people were when I talked with them. We drive by them all the time and no one notices them. No one stops to talk. When you do, they tell you more than you can believe."

Comstock's work as an assistant director includes 18 films, according to IMDB. Among them are Dumb and Dumber, Nine Months, Anaconda, The Joy Luck Club and Deep Impact.

He said his inspiration for this community film was the fact that he didn't feel comfortable leaving his 9-year-old son unattended in any Santa Cruz park because of the addicts and the needles they leave behind.

In its meeting Tuesday at 3 p.m., the city council will be addressing concerns of its public safety committee, including what to do about the needle exchange and the numbers of needles being found on the streets.

Tai Miller February 17, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Okay, all of these things are true but why are we only talking about the users? There is so much heroin and so much meth here but where is it coming from and what are we doing to stop it's production and stop it coming here? I left Santa Cruz in 1995 because I was tired of it, I came back in 2012 and it was as bad as ever. Seriously we have to talk about the supply side of this equation.
Brian February 17, 2013 at 11:19 PM
mackenzie price February 18, 2013 at 06:22 AM
thank you tricia for acknowledging the hard work involved in breaking free. i hope for that same power to reach every addict still suffering. life can be very hard to see as beautiful/ wonderful when your living in darkness and fear. i pray everyday for light to be shead upon them in a way that speaks to their souls and heart! its a rare thing that happend to us, a blessing in disguise. but it spoke to my soul and thats why im still here and able to be the awsome mother i know i can be!
mackenzie price February 18, 2013 at 06:23 AM
i agree
harry hubing February 24, 2013 at 09:59 PM
believe me; Comstock, talked to drug addicts and was shocked at how much they told him...when you bribe them with money and food and cigarettes..you will get a drug addict to say anything..this film is not to expose the drug problem..but to use the film as another tool to try to shut down the homeless shelter...shame on you comstock


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