Housing Group Raises Question Regarding Renters of North 40 in Los Gatos

Written and submitted by Citizen Housing Activists of California:

To the officials and residents of Los Gatos,

As the North 40 nears its eventual development by Grosvenor Americas, we have a few questions with regards to the current tenants.
Los Gatos is listed as a rent control city.

As such, what rights are provided to the renters currently living on the North 40? In the cases of landlords with more than two properties, are the tenants entitled to relocation assistance?

Cities such as Los AngelesGardena and San Francisco are clear about relocation assistance for no-fault evictions, but Los Gatos makes no mention.

In an attempt to educate those current residents, could Los Gatos provide us with a clearer explanation of whether or not relocation assistance under the Ellis Act will apply?

Would the current owners or Grosvenor Americas be responsible for such payments?

We thank you for your help. 

Citizen Housing Activists of California
Los Gatos, CA 95031



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