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City May Move Forward with Million-Dollar Sound Wall Fix

The Elk Grove City Council plans to meet this week to discuss an East Stockton Boulevard sound wall.

Drivers traveling north on Highway 99 could lose a longstanding eyesore as early as next September: The Elk Grove City Council is poised to move forward on a $1 million contract to build a new sound wall along East Stockton Boulevard between Elk Grove Regional Park and Valley Oak Lane.

This Wednesday, the council will meet to discuss a possible contract with a Galt company to build a new wall.

The current sound wall is made of plywood, sheet metal, garage doors and wood fencing materials, and the city plans to block it by building a 10-foot-8-inch masonry wall in front of the existing wall.

"The project will replace the existing sidewalk, which does not conform to current accessibility standards, with a new conforming sidewalk," a city staff report states. "It will also rehabilitate the failing roadway pavement adjacent to the wall, relocate the street lights, replace the light fixtures with more energy efficient heads, and restripe the roadway with bicycle lanes."

The work could begin in February and finish in September, the staff report states.


Elk Grove City Council meeting
6 p.m. Wednesday
8400 Laguna Palms Way


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Bwood December 10, 2012 at 03:50 PM
I'd like to know why these "beautification" projects are taking precedent over projects that have been languishing around here for quite some time and would serve the community at large in a much more meaningful way. I'm referring to the 99/Elk Grove Blvd. exchange modification for one. This has been sitting around since 2008… http://www.egplanning.org/environmental/eg-blvd-sr-99-interchange-modification-project/draft_is/Combined%20Draft%20IS%20070908.pdf Recently, just west of this interchange at the intersection of EG Blvd. and Auto Mall Drive, they have added potted plants, rock, and tanbark to the median. Aesthetically pleasing I suppose, but it doesn't help the congested traffic here which could have been better served by increasing the length of the left turn lanes to improve the flow of traffic along EG Blvd. west as well as into the Auto Mall area. Just my 2¢ ...
Think Free December 10, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Bike lanes would be good!


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