Police: Thomas Kinkade, Girlfriend in Domestic Disturbance in 2011

Amy Pinto-Walsh, Thomas Kinkade's live-in girlfriend, accused the painter of hitting her, but police found insufficient evidence in the July 2011 incident, and she later recanted her charge.

A Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police report obtained by Los Gatos Patch describes the late artist Thomas Kinkade's live-in girlfriend Amy Pinto-Walsh as claiming he physically abused her, although officers said they saw no evidence of injuries.

His brother, Patrick Kinkade, has acknowledged to other media sources that the famous painter was an alcoholic.

Public scrutiny regarding the painter’s tumultuous life has increased since his death, and in the wake of reports of his alcoholism and financial troubles faced by Pacific Metro, also known as The Thomas Kinkade Company, which filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2010.

Kinkade's estate and Pinto-Walsh have been fighting over her public statements, which the estate says hurt its interests. The police report sheds new light on Pinto-Walsh and her credibility.

In the aftermath of Kinkade's death, Los Gatos Patch filed a public information request for any police report involving domestic disturbances at the home of the painter and Pinto-Walsh. One police report was released by the Town of Los Gatos on May 30.

In the report, portions of which were blacked out, Los Gatos Monte Sereno police officer Steve Wahl wrote that he responded at 3:24 a.m. on July 20, 2011 to a report of a domestic dispute at Kinkade's Ridgecrest Drive mansion. He stated Pinto-Walsh had called police dispatch to say Kinkade and his daughter had "broken into the house and were hitting her (Pinto-Walsh)," and that she screamed hysterically, "He's hitting me, he's hitting me."

When Wahl arrived at the residence with Los Gatos Monte Sereno police officers David Gregg and Derek Moye, Gregg heard Pinto-Walsh screaming while standing on the staircase, "He's upstairs, he's upstairs."

According to the report, Pinto-Walsh told Moye that Kinkade's daughter had attacked her and Pinto-Walsh's breath smelled of alcohol. The police described Pinto-Walsh as "unsteady on her feet staggering slightly many times as she walked."

Pinto-Walsh told Wahl that Kinkade "had accosted her and hit her," striking her on the head with a hockey stick while she was asleep in their upstairs bedroom. She then pushed him, ran out and called the police, according to the report.

However, Wahl wrote: "I saw no marks of any kind on her face, neck or arms."

Gregg also stated that Pinto-Walsh said Kinkade woke her up and said, " You f------ b----, I'm going to kill you, you threatened my wife and kids, you're going to go to the media."

Pinto-Walsh, the officer wrote, also went on a "tirade" about police corruption and that he saw no sign of a wound on her head. Gregg also noted that Pinto-Walsh refused to let him photograph her head for a sign of the alleged injury.

The officer described Pinto-Walsh as uncooperative and incoherent. Gregg also said in the report that when he went to talk to Kinkade, the painter "was ... completely oblivious to my presence."

The officer reported Kinkade was taken by ambulance to the hospital for medical treatment and that Gregg gave Pinto-Walsh a victim's bill of rights card also known as a Marsy's card and a domestic violence resource card.

In a subsequent report about audio recorded phone conversations with Kinkade and Pinto-Walsh, police officer Jamie Bryant writes that she contacted Pinto-Walsh on the phone six days later to follow up on the July 20, 2011 incident and that she referred to Kinkade as a celebrity.

Pinto-Walsh also told Bryant she was concerned the information she shared about the incident would become public and then, recanting what she told police earlier, denied that Kinkade had hit her or that she had sustained injuries during the altercation.

Pinto-Walsh also told Bryant that she had called police because, "it was my intent to get him help," and added, "He did not hit me." She told the officer, however, that Kinkade was "blocking her ability to leave the residence and that he feared that she would leave him."

Bryant also wrote that she called Kinkade on his cell phone to discuss the incident and he said he didn't recall any negative confrontation with Pinto-Walsh. He referred to her as his girlfriend and said the relationship between them was fine. He also told the officer that Pinto-Walsh had called police "out of concern ... and not due to an argument they were having."

The painter told the officer that he had been drinking in a social setting with friends the evening of July 19 and into the early morning hours of the next day. "He had been drinking 'hard alcohol' that had somehow shown up at his house and 'overdoing it,'" the officer noted.

Bryant recommended that the case be closed and no charges were leveled in the case.

In the last two years of his life, those close to the painter who have declined to be identified said he faced several demons, from his alcohol and substance abuse to his volatile relationship with Pinto-Walsh.

They also cited his 2010 bankruptcy filing for Pacific Metro, the manufacturing arm of his Morgan Hill company, and they pointed to a series of lawsuits against his company filed by investors seeking restitution for financial claims. 

In 2010, Kinkade was arrested for a DUI, to which he pleaded no contest.

When contacted for comment about the police report, Thomas Kinkade Estate spokeswoman Marcia Horowitz said in an email she believes there was no reason for Los Gatos Patch to seek comment from the estate.

"It's not appropriate to comment on a police report,” Horowitz wrote.

Pinto-Walsh has not returned numerous calls from Los Gatos Patch seeking comment.

To read the complete police report, please check the attached pdf to this article.

Wavoka June 11, 2012 at 06:15 AM
Ahhh, if that is true, it appears there is more to this story than some would have us believe. It is not "simply" a matter of paying Pinto to walk away, as if she has no "standing". I could be wrong, but I believe the "Compel Arbitration" is a move to force arbitration, that will in effect keep the matter from public view, as opposed to public litigation? If that is true, it certainly adds to the suspicion, that the partitioning parties have something important to hide, something to keep from public view? Assuming the forgoing is true, I somehow do not think it is in the best interest of Ms Pinto to arbitrate. I believe that litigation held up to public scrutiny, is the best way to assure a fair outcome. My opinion is based in part, on the information provided on this forum, that Ms. Pinto has been offered in excess of $5 million to "settle". If that is true, it seems the partitioning parties would bring very large financial resources to bear, in an effort to influence the outcome? Maybe it is all hooey, and maybe it is not?
Gavin owns you June 11, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Drunken bimbo drunken bimbo
Not a Fan June 11, 2012 at 06:28 AM
You are so right Wavoka...according to Liquidation Trust v. American Bankers Ins. Co. (In re Oakwood Homes Corp.), it was held that a creditor cannot force a trustee to arbitrate preference and fraudulent transfer claims against the creditor...I'm not sure, but I think because Thom filed bankruptcy...Kenneth Raasch may be in deep shit regarding the Trust and what his claim to it is??? Is this the REAL reason Linda 3 million shares, Linda, was marched over to Amy the morning of Thom's death? Could this also be the reason the restraining order was vacated, because perhaps Nanette may not have legal control of the Trust any longer to file such a motion on its behalf???? Whatever this means, it's BIG, and it appears MS Pinto has the goods and has them scared....
Not a Fan June 11, 2012 at 06:42 AM
But inconsequential in the larger scheme of things...like who Thom wanted and trusted to administer his Trust and Legacy...
Not a Fan June 11, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Another reason for compelled arbitration would be to cut short all the legal wrangling and fees associated with settling this matter otherwise...you are right Wavoka, all the dirty laundry would come out and the Estate would be subject to large legal expenses...and in the event the Trust Lost this battle, could individuals be personally liable for the legal bills? Speculations I wonder the answers to...waiting still for someone to cover this story properly
Sheila Sanchez (Editor) June 11, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Hi Deb, there's some confusion as to whether the restraining order was physically served to Ms. Pinto-Walsh. It's hard to get information from the Kinkade estate as all media requests have to go through Rubenstein & Associate's Marcia Horowitz. Just to get Horowitz to comment on this story took a couple of days of her checking with lawyers for the estate. Judge Lucas did issue the restraining order as shown by the court docs we published April 26, 2012. We'll continue to look into this case. Thanks for the comment.
Sheila Sanchez (Editor) June 11, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Hi Deb, see response above. Thanks for participating in this interesting conversation that took several hours of my weekend to monitor. Gavin's three accounts were suspended due to violations of our terms of service, which prohibit racist, sexist, or downright offensive statements, attacks on other users. Thanks.
juror June 12, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Hello ! Sheila Sanchez,.... Thanks for managing to maintain responsible informative, mature and civilized conversation in this forum. You have done commendable reporting of the facts without resorting to media sensationalism to this tragic local / national story. My take on this police report is, It is a testimony to the challenges of all family members who are dealing with loved ones substance abuse and the law inforcement aspect of it. It only shows, Pinto-Walsh trying to help kinkad with whatever means nesessary including at her own expense. I am sure his familly went through similar if not the same situation in the past.If you ask for further record you might discover a story or two. It seam you are encountering enformation blocage on one hand while given selective information that is serving one side only. Did you try Pinto-Wash attornies info from court report, If yes,Did you try to contact them ? According to some of the commentary posted here, tommorow there are a berrage of lawyers tring to muzzle the hole case after after throwing read meat to the media so long as it served their side. could you find out what is transpiring. This is a lond-mark case with your reporting might warrent journalistic award. keep on good work.
Sheila Sanchez (Editor) June 12, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Hi Juror, we will continue to ask questions and search for information. That's all we can do. Also, nobody told us to ask for the police report. We asked for it under a public records act request to find out what kinds of problems had been reported at the Monte Sereno residence. We're not being used by either party in this matter, contrary to what some readers might think. Our goal is to remain objective and balanced in our reporting. Thanks for suggesting we contact Ms. Pinto-Walsh's attorneys. We've left her numerous messages on both her cell and home numbers, but unfortunately no response. If you have information that will help us continue to report on this case, please email me at sheila.sanchez@patch.com.
Yoga girl June 12, 2012 at 05:40 AM
Amy Pinto -Walsh had a reputation for bad behavior and heavy drinking long before she met Mr KInkade. Her public stunts have raised eyebrows all over town and every bar owner knows who she is. I do not believe that two wrongs make a right when it comes to substance abuse and I don't agree that she helped him. I had a boyfriend who had a problem and I chose not to participate and help him as best I could. It has been a travesty of justice to let this women tinker with the kinkade family the way she has. In my opinion her motives are suspect. Sheila, maybe you can do a character assement and contact the owners or bartenders in town so you can cofirm her character before she hurts more innocent people.
eric vescuso June 12, 2012 at 06:21 AM
Honestly, 95 % of the comments have been just pathetic....is this truly how you people choose to spend your free time? All of you are an embarrassment to this drama, and miss Sanchez....why even write this story 13 months after the event occurred. Poorly written story and your lack of discipline almost being ok to watch the drama unfold surely shows of your lack of journalistic integrity. Deb Renee is purely comical and trashy....and you low life's are really attempting to rip apart the motives of Ken and Linda Raasch.....just shut your un- educated pie-holes...those are two highly respectful people whom I know personally and certainly know of their true friendship with Thomas and nan and the kids....I feel compelled to say I leave this article and the lame general hospital type gossip of 215 comments in the trash can of stupidity...bottom line.....a talented alcoholic left a train wreck to deal with...but who are wet to judge....he is still a mother's son and 3 wonderful girls's father.....I stand up for Ken and Linda and shame on you Sheila....
Gavins just cause June 12, 2012 at 06:29 AM
@juror....."It only shows, Pinto-Walsh trying to help kinkade with whatever means nesessary including at her own expense. "....what a joke, the only thing Pinto did for Thomas was to conduct a party train that eventually took his life. If she was really trying to help Thomas she wouldn't have made bogus accusations about TK being abusive. If she was really to help Thomas she wouldn't have been ordering more drinks at Tommy's Bar In Los Gatos on the night that he went into convulsions... Check the video footage , you'll see that gold digging cash kiln attempting to order more booze for a man who everybody in the bar pressumened to be dead only minutes prior...is that kind of help you're referring to Juror???
Gavins just cause June 12, 2012 at 07:15 AM
Amy Pinto has become a Los Gatos circus sideshow. She's holed up In TKs place while being slapped with restraining orders for what amounts to attempted blackmail. Absolutely amazing how this bimbo can live with herself as she to this day sloshes from bar seemingly in denial that her selfishness for a "good time" was more important than her significant others well being. Order up baby , keep em coming!!!!
Bad bimbo June 12, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Bad bimbo June 12, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Wavoka June 13, 2012 at 01:52 AM
@eric v It appears the motives of Mr. Raasch, whom you "highly respect", were clear. It was to become wealthy off of the work of TK, whatever it took, including the "Christian hook". AS EVIDENCED BY.... "Kinkade forged an alliance with entrepreneur Ken Raasch and was reborn as Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light™. "We created a brand--a faith and family brand--around a painter," Raasch recalls with pride. "The Kinkade brand stands for faith as a foundation for life." "Kenneth Raasch, boasts in a letter to investors that his company’s success rests on the sleight-of-hand interplay between the “lifestyle brand” (personality) and MAGI’s strategic vision…" http://home.conservativebabylon.com/2012/04/07/hack-artist-christian-hypocrite-thomas-kinkade-dies/ WHICH WOULD LEAD TO THIS FRAUD JUDGEMENT ... "Media Arts through its agents Thomas Kinkade, Ken Raasch and Barnett, in particular, held itself out to be acting on a higher plain," the panel said in its written opinion, adding that the men frequently used terms such as "partner," "trust," "Christian" and "God" to convey a sense of "higher calling" to Hazlewood and Spinello." What did the Corp of wealthy Christians do to avoid paying the judgement, declared bankruptcy. Raasch became a "respectable" man, no doubt in part, or in large part due to his wealth , while TK became a broken man. I guess we should credit Mr. Raasch for his acumen , for it appears he extracted all he possibly could from the Golden Goose.
Wavoka June 13, 2012 at 02:00 AM
I might have gone something like this.... GOD: Thom THOM: God? GOD: Yes Thom GOD: Tom, you have a burning desire for wealth and fame. Are you sure that is what you want? THOM: Oh yes God, I will do anything to become rich. GOD: OK Thom. I have given you the talent, so how will you use it? GOD: As a test, I will send Ken Raasch, who will invest just $35,000 to become your partner. He will encourage you, guide you in the selling of schlock to the masses. You will do that Thom, to become wealthy, and Ken even more so. THOM: Wait? Ken will get more wealth than I, selling what I produce? That hardly seems fair? GOD: Yes Thom. That is a part of the test, the strength of your desires, your morals. THOM: Ok, OK, I'll do it. I desire wealth and fame more than anything. THOM: God, I am older now, have wealth and fame, and Ken did become wealthy marketing my kitsch. But God, I realize now, I have failed that test. I have lost my way. I have not been true to myself as an artist. I will never be what I could have been. I have wasted my talent on greed, deceived others by using your name to gain wealth. I am unhappy God. I am in a dark place, so dark a place I cannot live as the Christian I profess to be. GOD: You have served as a messenger Thom, it is time to come home.
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 02:31 AM
Holy Crap Wavoka!!! You did some incredible research...your facts are scathing!!!! Kudos for top notch discernment, and revealing stark truths....My blood is boiling hot. Unbelievable...I'm still aghast at the gaping poverty of spirit that poor Thom ended up a reflection of ...He certainly was no alcoholic when I knew him in college...vulnerable because he was bound and determined to make his mark on the world with an undeniable gift..and yes, Ken, YOU ARE YOUR BROTHER"S KEEPER...and like Cain, you helped to put him away. There is no "Train Wreck" without misguiding hands. And yours were at the helm. And why didn't you resign or move on? Because you were FIRED.
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 02:46 AM
To Amy...I have some things to tell you...if you should ever see this post, I want you to know some things.... FIRST: You are very brave to go forward with what may be perceived as "drunken chicken scratches", allegedly as dictated by you...while you have quite a road ahead of you, and some explaining to do where alcohol is concerned,. ...and while at first glance it may be easy to say, "Oh please, the wife of thirty years and four daughters deserve his Entire Trust and legacy"...I want you to hear this. It is not unusual for for a new couple to discuss wedding plans, and shop for wedding rings, even before said couple are divorced and free to pursue such plans... What is not common, is for a couple of 18 months to discuss not just their life together but ALSO the death of one party...in addition, you had medical riights and the rights to intern his body...And while it may seem frivolous to others that a "chicken scratch" will was obtained...it wasn't just "give me your home and 10 million dollars" No, it was, " give me control of your home and 10 million to establish a legacy of your art for the world to view...God knows the art museums and art establishment were not going to acquire them. This is important because of two things. 1.) It is reported you turned down 5 million dollars to go forward with a "chicken scratch" will to establish what you knew to be a part of Thom's last wishes. If it was just for your own profit, 5 million is an easy take.
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 03:02 AM
To Amy...(continued) 2.) Though not a clear and formalized legal document...it shows a hint of something that was being discussed in one form or another, it shows intent and concern for a PLAN...a plan for a different outcome for his legacy other than what was already in place...a plan to house a museum for his public following which undeniably are tens of millions. These two facts, items 1.) and 2.), combined with some compelling testimony of others...I believe you have a chance and I hope you are awarded your DAY IN COURT...If there is even a whiff of a hint that this would be part of what Thom would have wanted, then I'm with Deb Renee, "I don't care if Amy gets a dime, but I do care if Thom left her a dime." This is a complicated situation with high emotion...but your silence and victimization have impressed me and I've understood the bad stench coming from the other camp. I Knew there was something wrong with Linda knocking on your door just hours after you found Thom. Playing innocent with her so-called condolences...If she indeed was a close friend to Linda, then she would reflect Linda's obvious disdain for you and no such conversation could have taken place. I knew she was lying about her version of things. I also saw the injustice of not serving you properly to appear in court-side blinding and then muzzling you. And I suspected there was something wrong with the "confidentiality agreement".
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 03:03 AM
..and I have more Amy, give me a second.
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Amy, (continued) I'm typing this to you while my ex-spouse is lying, fighting for his life in ICU...in the hospital for the second time for weeks and weeks on end...we are exhausted..but fighting hard. I've slept by his side, two and a half miles away from home, doing urine duty, answering his every comfort desire, and advocating when he was incapable, (which has been often) even threatening to transfer him to another hospital because of horrendous mistakes or grave concerns not being addressed properly...I want you to know this, because I have also spent much of my time focused also on your situation...And I want you to know, alongside of my continual fight in prayers for the life of this man (it may be his time to go, I'm still dealing with that in my heart)...I am also devoting chunks of time fighting for you in prayer as well...this may not mean much to some, maybe not even you...and the "other camp" may be incensed by this being "born again" as well as I...and I've had my great grievances regarding Thom and the distant past (when I once knew him)...I wasn't able to let go of it and it surfaced upon his death, so I have blogged alot of my "disgust"...but it is out of my system now and I can let go and be at peace with it...and I think it would be a VERY lovely thing for you to house Thom's work for him and for the public...and to accept to devoting your time and life to accomplish this speaks volumes...and I can very much believe that Thom would have wanted this as well
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Amy (continued) I really do believe this...and I'm hoping and praying that you get the chance to do this by having YOUR DAY IN COURT....
Not a Fan June 13, 2012 at 03:31 AM
...signed, YOUR FAN
Bad bad bimbo June 13, 2012 at 05:40 AM
Deb Renee ...hahahahaha....nice one Amy !!!
juror June 13, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Bad bad bimbo....hahaha... Nice one Nanette!
juror June 14, 2012 at 01:20 AM
I have to admit... It looked bad to emulate Gavin. No one can, Period !!!. No one has done it yet, at least in this forum. Despite what is in the news, Gavin is fixiated to tar-down Amy Pinto. She is comptent enough and doesn't need my defense. But what bags me is, the element of unfairness and the level of verousity of the attacks I have yet to witness any where. Initially my position was to take the higher road that millions of Kinkades funs took, i.e " R.I.P Thomas kinkade " and wish my sympathy to his entire family( No need to qualify that, do I ? ) . In comparison,The mean spirited art-critics comments were dwarfed by millions of Kinkades fans fair comments. To the contrary at this forum, it is unmatched. If I sound bias defending Thomas Kinkade and Amy Pinto's versions of the story, It is becouse I had the privilege to witness their interactions in some business dealing, at a time with some of their close friends, immediate and extended family members. It wouldn't be fair to witness this gross unfairness and keep quit. ....As to Sheila Sanchez, my previous comment didn't mean to insinuate you have been story-fed one way or another,nor-does your reporting indicates that. Thanks.
Not a Fan June 23, 2012 at 01:38 AM
@Bad bad bimbo...If that was Thom's last wishes, then yes...the decision for who should establish Thom's legacy rests with Thom...pun not intended...The focus is Thom here,... whom he trusted with his life and legacy...since Nanette disregarded his burial wishes, could she also disregard his legacy wishes as well? Trying to shut down galleries, lining her pockets...and posting on FB, "With the lord at the top of the mountain we shall stay!!" ???? Clearly, her concerns are her own and their children, granted, she was facing divorce and Thom's new love interest and companion further threatened her stay on the mountain top...Thom's voice, Thom's wishes are what is missing here and is what I'm interested in...and Amy is the only one who can provide that on his behalf and to the world now. Her story needs to be told.... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=245099082210728&set=a.245088398878463.71594.100001319152894&type=1&theater
Not a Fan June 23, 2012 at 02:12 AM
New Los Gatos Patch Article by Sheila Sanchez: http://losgatos.patch.com/articles/who-s-amy-pinto-walsh
Blizzard July 03, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Well, Ms. Pinto-Walsh is an evil bimbo but she DOES have a GREAT pair of HUGE, spectacular tits and she looks sexy as hell in a super-tight form-fitting, turtleneck sweater like the ones she's been wearing to court recently with that evil smirk on her face as she sticks out her big tits at the news cameras while wearing those tight sweaters.


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