Fire, Police, EMTs Hold 3-Day Training, Gearing Up for Fire Season

Santa Clara County fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services organizations are conducting a three-day readiness exercise at Sanborn County Park in Saratoga begining today -- Monday -- and running through Wednesday.

Each year, more than 100 personnel participate on each of the three days of the exercise to prepare for the upcoming wildfire season.  

Firefighters take this opportunity to practice the skills and procedures necessary to safely contain and control fires that occur in the wildland areas locally and across the state. 

“This annual exercise is a great opportunity for all of the Santa Clara County fire departments, law enforcement agencies, EMS organizations, park rangers and other partners to practice together” said Ken Kehmna, of Santa Clara County Fire and the County’s Mutual Aid Coordinator. 

“This level of cooperation and coordination makes Santa Clara County well prepared for any type of emergency or disaster that we may experience. Given the prolonged drought and increase in fire activity, this regional multi-agency and multi-disciplinary drill is especially important.” 

Key skills included in the exercise are techniques used to protect structures, coordination with fire-fighting aircraft, fire break construction, understanding wildland fire behavior, fuel reduction, safety and tactics planning. 

NOTE: Due to high fire danger, there will not be any live fire operations.


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