Body Found in Downtown Los Gatos

Man is reported deceased Wednesday morning in bathroom of Pizza My Heart at 9 No. Santa Cruz Avenue

A man was found deceased Wednesday morning in a public bathroom in downtown Los Gatos, police have confirmed.

At about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police were notified that there was a person believed to be a homeless individual possibly dead in the bathroom to the rear of 9 No. Santa Cruz Ave., said Sgt. spokesman Kerry Harris.

Officers arrived and found the man deceased in the restroom as reported, Harris added.

There was no sign of trauma, nor evidence of foul play, he said. "The scene did not bear evidence that would suggest that criminal activity took place. So normally, unless the coroner's process reveals something to indicate foul play, the case would be closed," Harris said.

The Santa Clara County Coroner's Office was notified and responded to the scene.

A medical examiner identified the man as Christopher Blatnick, 50, a transient out of Los Gatos. His family has been notified, the examiner said, adding that cause of death is still pending.

Editor's Note: Los Gatos Patch doesn't report on natural deaths that take place in private places, however, we do report such incidents when they occur in public settings such as this one. Patch received one anonymous tip about this incident from a reader concerned about what he had seen.

Gabe Roberts October 25, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Looks like he had previously been arrested for being drunk in downtown Los Gatos. 1:42 p.m., 423 N Santa Cruz Ave: Christopher Blatnick and Thomas Henry Crema were arrested for being drunk and lying on the ground by a store. 2011 - patch
Sheila Sanchez (Editor) October 25, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Thanks for the heads up, Gabe. That's the value of our police blotter. My heart goes out to him, his family and friends. My father battled alcoholism for years and was living on the streets for quite some time before the AA program and a sponsor rescued him. So sad when this happens and so young.
Brad Kava (Editor) October 26, 2012 at 05:20 AM
I never knew Los Gatos had news..when I lived there and worked at a daily newspaper...But every day I see some fantastic and unusual story here on Patch.
Irene Aida Garza-Ortiz October 27, 2012 at 02:16 AM
That's why I like the Los Gatos Patch. Sheila really keeps us in the "KNOW"!
Isis Moonheart October 29, 2012 at 03:59 AM
Interesting, that the homeless camp was just removed.
Thomas Kouns November 05, 2012 at 04:27 PM
I knew Christopher. He grew up in Los Gatos and was also a veteran. He fell on some very tough times and unfortunately could not find his way out. St. Luke's Church in Los Gatos has an outreach program for the homeless community in Los Gatos and could always use donations, food, etc.
Sheila Sanchez (Editor) November 05, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Thomas Kouns, please email me at sheila.sanchez@patch.com. I'd like to ask you some questions about Christopher for a follow-up story I'm working on. Deeply sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reminder about St. Luke's Episcopal Church's outreach program to help the less fortunate.
Suzette November 15, 2012 at 06:01 AM
Chris was my brother. I would like to thank St. Lukes for taking care of and enabling him all these all these years. I would also like to thank the Los Gatos Police Department for not returning my call regarding my brother. And another special thank you to Sheila with the Patch for not responding to my e-mail. Chris was not a veteran. Chris was a liar, a thief, and a con artist. Chris was also very intelligent, senstive, and caring. But Chris was an alcoholic above and beyond any other thing in his life. Unfortunately that was an inheritied trait, maybe not trait, inherited period. You all seem to want to make a change, but I'm not seeing it. Good Luck to you all.
Donna Z November 20, 2012 at 08:10 AM
Sorry for your loss Suzette, don't know of a family that addictions hasn't touched in one way or another. I didn't know of Chris, but hope that he is at peace, and you too.
Brian Johnson November 21, 2012 at 06:47 PM
This is awful! Suzette, I am so sorry for your loss. But, I am even more sorry that we live in an era when people are so irresponsible that they spread info without checking. A responsible journalist would have run a followup article with more than 1 source/side. Patch and Ms. Sanchez, I hope they learn better for the future, and even the police.
Frankie Torrente January 16, 2013 at 12:37 AM
Thank you los gatos patch , I no longer live in town but I still hold it deep in my soul , I went to school with Chris, we were not close but did converse many times.peace and comfort to the family knowing hes warm and safe as it should be. blessings from folsom .
Frankie Torrente January 16, 2013 at 01:00 AM
wow I did not read what Suzette wrote, I'm so sorry girl, I know your frustrations the Los Gatos police, been there done that, as for the patch, come on guys get your facts straight, or you're really just the gossip column. blessings Suzette
Lisa Hofman January 16, 2013 at 03:03 AM
Sad news indeed.
Brent Bonham January 16, 2013 at 04:10 PM
It was the National Guard. He was an officer, though I do not remember the rank. I am happy that he had friends helping him. I wish I could have seen him again. RIP Chris.
Suzette February 02, 2013 at 03:20 AM
Frank: Thank you for the kind words. I did not know that you knew my brother. Since no one bothered to contact me regarding the "story of his life" they have no idea that his family loved him very much and wanted him to recover from his addictions to alcohol and drugs. Chris was sober for a period of months after our parents passed away in December of 1998 but he chose to drink again and at that time I could not let his addiction effect my family or my sobriety. If Chris had wanted to get sober he could have. The coroners office still has not sent me the official cause of death, so who knows what killed him. I was told someone saw him around 7:00 am in the restroom and said he was acting agitated and then they found him unresponsive around 9:00 am. I do not think it is a coincidence that the day he died was my mothers birthday. Thank you again for the kind words. They mean alot to me. Hope all is well with you and yours.


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