Ask A Cop: Are Tinted Windows Still Illegal?

Automobile window tinting reduces visibility, which can be problematic at night, when motorists must see through windows of other vehicles to spot hazards.

An illegal window tint being measured by police. Courtesy Wikimedia
An illegal window tint being measured by police. Courtesy Wikimedia
Editor's note: This article was compiled by Patch Editor Brad Kava. He occasionally asks local law enforcement to answer readers' questions. Send your queries to brad.kava@patch.com. Thank you.

Question from Patch Reader: 

What about all these blackened car windows?! They seem so unsafe. You can't see the drivers and can't see if they see you! Aren't they illegal? If so, why isn't the law being enforced? Thanks.

Answer from CHP Spokesman Bradley Sadek:

We write so many tint or obstructed window tickets. The problem is people keep putting tint on! Any tint on the windows directly to the left and right of the driver is illegal. It is a major safety concern because it basically turns your windows into a big pair of sunglasses which you can't take off at night. It makes it very difficult to perceive vehicles and objects adjacent to your vehicle.

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old neighbor dude January 13, 2014 at 12:37 PM
If it's so unsafe then why does it come standard on cars in Arizona in addition to being completely legal? The dumbass CHP guy should have just said it's illegal because that's the law instead of sounding like a tool.


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