Top 10 Los Gatos Library Juvenile Easy Beginning Reader Books

The ranking is for the week of Jan. 10-17, 2014.

Trey King's 'The Legend Begins' is the No. 1 Juvenile easy beginning reader at the Los Gatos Library for the week of Jan. 10-17, 2014. Courtesy amazon.com
Trey King's 'The Legend Begins' is the No. 1 Juvenile easy beginning reader at the Los Gatos Library for the week of Jan. 10-17, 2014. Courtesy amazon.com

—Submitted by Los Gatos Librarian Henry Bankhead

1. The legend begins, Trey King

Laval the Lion and Cragger the Crocodile are best friends. Neither can wait to reach the Age of Becoming when they'll be old enough to use CHI. But when Cragger convinces Laval to sneak in and see the CHI before they're supposed to, things go very wrong. Now, the two princes find themselves sworn enemies fighting on behalf of their tribes! Read about their adventures, and discover the Legends of Chima.

2. Superman's superpowers, Lucy Rosen  

Young Clark Kent learns that he is an alien with superpowers, and he decides to use these powers to help the world as the superhero Superman.

3. Training Bruce Wayne, Holly Kowitt

Bruce Wayne is given an opportunity to learn ninja skills that would allow him to protect Gotham City and master his fears at a secret mountain monastery.

4. Tribes of Chima, Ruth Amos

Discusses the most important characters in the land of Chima and explains how each tribe relates to the others.

5. Pinky Dinky Doo, Jim Jinkins

Pinky Dinky Doo, an imaginative young girl, tells her brother and her pet guinea pig a silly story about a mixed up day when everyone wore food for shoes.

6. Pinkalicious and the cupcake calamity, Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious sneaks into Mr. Swizzle's malfunctioning cupcake machine and discovers a bigger surprise than she could have imagined.

7. A smelly story, Erica Farber

When Huckle loses his watch in the garbage, he and his friends follow along as a truck puts the garbage on a boat, which then carries it to a dump.

8. A Cars Christmas, Melissa Lagonegro

Celebrate the holidays with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Doc Hudson, and the rest of the cool Cars characters in this brand-new Step 1 reader.

9. Pinkalicious: Fairy house, Victoria Kann

Anticipating the arrival of flower-tending fairies in the springtime, Pinkalicious tours her family's garden, prepares a cozy fairy-sized house, and wonders if she will be able to see her tiny visitors.

10. Oh, the thinks you can think! Seuss

Relates in verse some of the unusual thinks you can think if only you try.

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