Parenting Seminar "Taming Your Teenager"

Featuring Manoj Waikar MD Thursday, Sept 19th 6:30-9:00 pm ALL EVENT DETAILS ARE BELOW

A memorable evening of education and entertainment in a relaxed environment. 

Featuring: Manoj V Waikar, MD

Thursday, September 19th   6:30 - 9:00 pm

LG-Saratoga Rec Center Room 214 208 E. MainStreet, Los Gatos  

Bring all your burning questions about these topics and more:

● Parenting: “Is it normal to hate my teenager?”● Risky Behaviors: “My teenager is so impulsive and makes bad decisions!”● Sex & intimacy: “I’m not ready to have a grandchild!”● Substances: “What does it mean if my teen uses alcohol, marijuana, or worse?”● Moods: “So what’s with the ups and downs? Is it normal or is it an illness?”

Stanford educated and trained, Dr Waikar is a nationally renowned, highly sought after speaker, educator, and prominent Silicon Valley psychiatrist.  A large part of his practice involves working with teenagers and their families.  In the past 8 years he has presented over 1000 times across the country in diverse settings. Dr Waikar is well known for his down to earth yet erudite persona and his interactive, engaging style that elicits substantive, meaningful conversation and leaves the audience inspired and satisfied but wanting more.

             Join us for fun, snacks, and drinks!  Cost $100.00/person or $150/couple  Seating is limited.  Register now!

Call408.499.5569E email info@manojwaikar.com


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