Los Gatos Jubilee: Town Memories From the '80s, '90s

This article was submitted to Los Gatos Patch by Raymond J. Fisher Middle School eighth-grade science teacher Jeanne Conrad in honor of Los Gatos' 125th anniversary.

I remember going to every Christmas parade sitting on the corner of and the EFS building. Thanks Paul Mahoney and Jack Neal for wishing me a happy birthday every year!

I remember the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. I was in Colorado, but watched it on TV as the World Series was on. It was before cell phones, so you can imagine how long it took to call my dad.

I remember driving Highway 17 for the first time. My mom had put permanent fingernail marks in the dashboard, but she wouldn't let me drive with my friends until I drove well!

I rememberspeaking at our high school graduation. We were the 100th graduating class! She read "Desirada," my dad's favorite.

I remember meeting my friends every Friday night at 7-Eleven, now Again, it was before cell phones, Facebook and Twitter. How did we ever meet up?

I remember the Brazilians came and took over the town for the World Cup. They knew how to party!

I remember hanging out at Johnny's Northside Grill when I moved back to town after college.

I remember West Valley Gymnastics School. I spent more time there than at home from the ages of 10-17.

I remember thepicnic at

I remember the day I was offered my first job as an eighth-grade teacher at I am still teaching there and am lucky to have the best job in the best town in the world.

Editor's Note: We asked and you answered ... more than a dozen stories and poems about Los Gatos have been shared with us on our Los Gatos Jubilee Facebook page, or at the end of posts on this site for publication beginning Aug. 10, 2012, in honor of the town's quasquicentennial celebration. This is the seventh submission written by Los Gatos teacher Jeanne Conrad paying homage to the town we all love so much on We're joining the Museums of Los Gatos StoryShare project and sharing with them your contributions here.

Marie Lore October 21, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Love this Jeanne. Thanks for sharing and making me smile!


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