Letter to the Editor: Water District CEO 'Elated' With Passage of Measure B

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I am elated that the voters of Santa Clara County have overwhelmingly supported Measure B, the Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program. Developed with input from more than 16,000 residents and stakeholders, this program was created to match the community’s needs and values.

With the passage of this measure, the Santa Clara Valley Water District will be equipped to invest in the important water supply, flood protection and watershed stewardship needs of the county.

The voters of Santa Clara County clearly recognize the importance of a safe, reliable water supply. They value wildlife habitat, creek restoration and open space. They want to protect our water supply and local dams from the impacts of earthquakes and natural disasters.  As the devastation of Hurricane Sandy reminded us so recently, we must invest in the levees protecting our shoreline, and vigilantly prepare our streams for major storms.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District will continue to provide essential services for the community, in an efficient and cost-effective manner, wisely using the resources available to us. We are eager to begin implementation of the many worthwhile, community-supported projects included in this measure.

I want to acknowledge the broad base of environmental, business and community leaders who championed this effort over the last several months. I am especially thankful for the members of the Measure B campaign committee:

  • Cindy Chavez, committee co-chair and executive officer of the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council
  • Neil Struthers, committee co-chair and CEO at Santa Clara and San Benito Counties Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Carl Guardino, committee co-chair and President of Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Linda J. LeZotte, committee co-chair and chair of the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Directors
  • Jared Boigon, TBWB Media
  • Jim Cunneen, principal, California Strategies LLC
  • Margaret Abe-Koga, Mountain View City Councilmember
  • Rod Diridon Sr., Chair, Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters
  • Fred Ferrer, CEO, The Health Trust
  • Matt Mahood, CEO, San Jose/Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Mike Mielke, vice president, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Rick Callender, government relations manager, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Finally, I thank everyone who voted for this important measure. With a margin of victory even greater than the 2000 Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection measure, we are honored and humbled to have earned your trust. We take this mandate seriously and will work tirelessly to ensure we meet the commitments laid out in Measure B.

Beau Goldie is CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, which manages an integrated water resources system that includes the supply of clean, safe water, flood protection and stewardship of streams on behalf of Santa Clara County's 1.8 million residents. The district manages 10 dams and surface water reservoirs, three water treatment plants, a state-of-the-art water quality laboratory, nearly 400 acres of groundwater recharge ponds and more than 275 miles of streams. The District provides wholesale water and groundwater management services to local municipalities and private water retailers who deliver drinking water directly to homes and businesses throughout Santa Clara County.


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