Letter to the Editor: Thank You to El Camino Hospital Los Gatos Pioneers

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These pioneers took it upon themselves to build, what eventually became, Los Gatos Hospital.  

Among those pioneers were Dr. Allen McGrath, Dr. F. Gilbert Gregory and Dr. Herbert Berquist, who were attracted to the idyllic scenery and growing community and chose to establish their medical practices here.

They continue to practice to this day and fondly recall the close-knit community created by the original 288 employees and 100 physicians on the medical staff.  They also recall a time when doctors still made house calls and even when a costume gorilla head once treated a heart arrhythmia. 

Because of the hard work and dedication of these physicians and many others, Los Gatos has thrived over the last 50 years under a number of partnerships that helped the hospital expand, moving beyond primary care to specialty services that now include orthopedics, men’s health and rehabilitation for patients who have experienced strokes, brain injuries, nerve disorders, spinal cord injuries, or complex orthopedic disorders. 

In 1962, the first baby, Sara Smith, was born and today the hospital’s maternity services are still recognized for their uniqueness and personalized approach to care for the entire family.

Through joining the El Camino Hospital family in 2009, El Camino Hospital Los Gatos has been to share best practices and resources with its Mountain View sibling without losing its strong local identity. 

As we celebrate 50 years of service to the community, we want to recognize the dedicated compassionate care provided by more than 500 employees, 381 physicians and 135 volunteers.

Looking ahead, we know that the healthcare environment will experience a seismic shift, both in how healthcare is delivered, as well as the tools we use to diagnose and treat disease.  If history has taught us anything about our hospital, it’s that we evolved in lock-step with the community and are poised to meet these challenges head-on.

With gratitude on achieving this incredible milestone.


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