Letter to the Editor: Spector, Leonardis Should Be Mayor, Vice Mayor

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The elections are finished and we have one new excellent Los Gatos Town Council person in Marcia Jensen. We have also re-elected Vice Mayor Barbara Spector. 

It is my understanding that the existing Council will soon be naming the new mayor and vice-mayor.

I don’t believe there is a rule, nor law, as to how the succession happens, but rather the town has relied on custom and tradition. 

In the past, the vice-mayor, currently Ms. Spector, became the mayor, and the vice mayor’s position was either a council person who had not been vice-mayor, or if all had been the vice mayor, it would likely be the person that had not been either mayor nor vice-mayor for the longest period of time. Steve Leonardis, until now, the newest councilperson, would be in line for the job of vice mayor.

It is important to get the new Council off to a smooth start in 2013 with all the changes coming in 2013. I hope to see both Ms. Spector and Mr. Leonardis named as mayor and vice mayor at the Nov. 19 meeting.


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