Letter to the Editor: Help West Valley Community Services Fight Hunger

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"I'm hungry." These words have a very different meaning in my home than in the homes of the clients we serve at West Valley Community Services.

As a partner of Second Harvest Food Bank, WVCS helps to put food on the table of those who are in need.

Together with other emergency assistance agencies like Sunnyvale Community Services, St. Joseph Family Center and Mountain View CSA, we ensure that the entire county is able to access food, resources to shelter and other basic needs to prevent hunger and homelessness.

My three active and growing teens constantly say "I'm hungry" even after generous servings at dinner. Amazed at how much they can eat, it gives me a sense of satisfaction that as a parent I am more than able to fill this very basic need.

How painful it would be to hear "I'm hungry," if I were unable to provide them food. One in 10 parents in our valley will hear those words and will not be able to provide the food that their children need. We see those families every day at WVCS.

Through the generous donations of food, funds and volunteer time, we can work to ensure that the words "I'm hungry" becomes a "want" instead of a "need."

We thank you for your support these past 39 years. As we reach our milestone next year of 40 years of service, we continue to ask you for your support and partnership so that no one's table is empty.

Happy Holidays!

—By Naomi N. Nakano-Matsumoto, executive director of West Valley Community Services


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