Why a Blog is an Aspiring Author’s Best Friend

Start submitting those posts to Patch using its platform and turn those short entries into a bestseller in the coming future.

Like a best friend or writing buddy, a blog supports aspiring and published authors’ efforts to write, publish and promote their books. Yet, many writers refuse to blog. They don’t want to learn new technology, don’t want to promote themselves, or believe blogging will take them away from daily writing.

However, a blog offers writers a host of benefits, such as:

  1. An author platform.
  2. A way to promote themselves and their work.
  3. A creative outlet.
  4. A way to get their work read.
  5. A way to connect with readers.
  6. A targeted critique group.
  7. A way to write a book.
  8. A way to attract a publisher.
  9. A way to gain buyers for your book.
  10. A way to become a published author.

These days, writers—published writers—don’t just write, they blog. Why? Because a blog is, indeed, a writer’s best friend. Let me explain how you can use your blog to gain these benefits I’ve mentioned.

How to Build Author Platform with a Blog

To build author platform with a blog, simply blog often and consistently. Once a week is okay, but if you publish a short post (250-300 words) 2-5 times a week, you will begin to see traffic (readers) at your blog fairly quickly.

How a Blog Promotes Your Work and You

Write about what you know—the subject of your book and every subject related to the subject of your book. Write about writing your book. Write about what interests you. In this way, you promote yourself and your work.

How to Use Your Blog as a Creative Outlet

Forget morning pages that no one reads but you. If you’ve got something to write about, write about it on your blog. You’ll get more creative knowing someone is actually reading your writing.

How a Blog Gets Your Work Read

While you wait a year and a half or two years for a publisher to publish your book or a month or two (or more with editing and design) for your self-published book to be released, start blogging and have your work read immediately. The average book today garners 300 or so readers a year or 3,000 readers in its lifetime. You can have 300 readers to your blog daily or weekly—3,000 monthly or more.

How a Blog Helps You Connect With Readers

When readers comment on your blog, you reply. You have a conversation with your readers. Install a forum on your blog or survey your readers, and engage with them. Ask readers to subscribe to your newsletter; then email them. These activities equate to connecting with your blog readers.

How a Blog Provides You With a Targeted Critique Group

Let your blog readers serve as your critique group. Publish pieces of your book on your blog (or blog the entire book). You’ll get feedback from the actual people who might read your printed book each time they comment on your blog. Publish posts on the topic of your book. See if these posts get read or receive comments. Survey readers about specific content.

How a Blog Helps You Write Your Book

Map out your book’s content in post sized pieces. Then compose the manuscript by writing 250-500 words a day 5 days a week. You’ll compose approximately 1,250-2,500 words a week. Publish you manuscript one post at a time on your blog. Do this for 7 months; you’ll produce a 35,000-70,000-word manuscript—the first draft of a book. Write 7 posts per week and you’ll write your book faster.

How Your Blog Attracts a Publisher

Publish blog posts regularly and consistently so you develop a popular and successful blog—one with a faithful and large readership. This fan base equates to an author platform. With a large enough platform, a publisher may discover you and your blog and offer you a book deal. Or you can send a book proposal to a publisher and provide your blog stats as proof of your author platform.

How Your Blog Creates Buyers for Your Book

The more blog readers you have, the more potential buyers you gain for your book. Create a successful blog, and you create a successful book—one that sells.

How Your Blog Helps You Go from Aspiring to Published Author

Every time you finish a blog post, you hit the “publish” button. You become a published an author and a publisher. Viola! (Also, your successful blog attracts agents and publishers.)

Make friends with your blog today. It won’t let you down.

This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you'd like to post a blog, go here to get started.


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