Three Indie Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

Don't let the recent storms get you down; pop some popcorn and watch an Indie film marathon.

I look outside my home office window and see the rain coming down ... still. There are little street floods starting to form and some big tree branches are lying on the ground now.

The gardener didn't come so the yard's a bit of a mess and my big dog was restless early this morning because I didn't take him out for a walk. I have put some classical music on for him which has helped because he is now falling to sleep. As the saying goes, "Music calms the savage beast." My dog's favorite station is KQED classical 104.9 FM.

I come from the Midwest and am used to a lot of rain. So I'm feeling pretty good right now. I don't have to water my lawn or flowers. Yeah!

I have my rainy day weekend plans in place already. The family is going to the Charles Dickens Faire at the Cow Palace. That's indoors. It's really fun going back to old times in London with the interesting accents, clothes, food and entertainment. 

Additionally, I'll watch some movies. I especially like watching them while walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike.

I have a Netflix movie waiting to be watched called "Ten Inch Hero" about the trials and tribulations of quirky young adults who work in a sandwich shop in Santa Cruz California. I'll check that out this weekend.

Netflix does a pretty good job of recommending movies for me and they have a great selection.

I especially like to watch Indie movies at home. I usually go to the movie theater to watch the big popular ones.

Here are three movies that I loved watching in recent months. Maybe you'd like them, too.

1) "Win Win"

This 2011 movie is rated R.

I saw this movie a while back on an airplane. It was fantastic. The story is unique, gut wrenching but also heart-warming.

Netflix describes it as: "When down-on-his-luck part-time high school wrestling coach Mike agrees to become legal guardian to an elderly man, his ward's troubled grandson turns out to be a star grappler, sparking dreams of a big win -- until the boy's mother retrieves him."

2) "Damsels in Distress"

This 2011 movie is rated PG-13.

This was funny, touching and extremely interesting. I was actually a little sad when it was over. Like "Win Win," the story line was one of a kind. I get tired of the same old cliche stories over and over in movies. This definitely stands out.

According to Netflix, "In Whit Stillman's offbeat comedy, three pretty friends plan to use music, dance and perfume to brighten the lives of their fellow college students. But before long, the girls find themselves busy dealing with problems of their own."

When you watch it, pay close attention to the main character, the blonde ring leader of the group of girls who run the Suicide Prevention organization. She seems perfect at first but you find out she might be the most disturbed of all.

3) "Three and Out"

This 2008 movie is rated R.

This Indie film set in the U.K. features dark humor. I didn't like the first 10 minutes of the movie because the subject matter is disturbing and strange, but I loved the rest. Like the "Damsels" movie, the main character surprises you in the end. Again, it's an original story line. The ending was an awesome surprise and I may watch it again because of it.

The Netflix description of the movie is as follows:

"London Tube (train) driver Paul Callow is deeply shaken after running over and killing two people in two weeks ... until he hears a wild rumor that a driver who kills three people in a month gets pensioned off with a decade's pay. Callow decides to go for it, and searches for someone to donate their life to his plan. In exchange, he'll provide a cash advance they can enjoy beforehand. An Irish derelict seems to fit the profile."

So download those iTunes movies, visit the Redbox at the grocery store or order those movies from Netflix or another service and enjoy the rainy weekend.


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