The Most Awesome and Awkward Oscar Moments

The most inspiring and offensive moments from our favorite awards show

I watched most of the Oscars award show Sunday night. My family did take a short break to eat some chicken barbecued on our Big Green Egg smoker, which was quite good. My husband’s seasoning was super unique though. It had a mix of Tang and Country Time lemonade. He learned it recently in a day long championship BBQ class in San Jose.

I also recorded the show, which is great because I can now see the performance of the "Les Miserables" song “One More Day” again and again and again. That song sent chills down my spine.

Here were the top Oscar moments, both best and worst.

The Five Most Awesome Moments

1) Jennifer Lawrence won the best actress award for “Silver Linings Playbook.” She’s awesome. I loved her pale pink flowing dress even though I blame it for making her trip on the way up the stairs. Someone should have held her dress fluff on the way up!  Jessica already has an Oscar for “The Help” last year so it’s great someone else got one this year.

2) “Argo” won best picture. I was secretly rooting for “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and Hushpuppy. But I’m pretty sure Ben Affleck has not won an Academy Award since 1997 for the screen play for “Good Will Hunting” and people kept calling him a loser. Now they can’t say it anymore. That’s what’s awesome. He has such a cute family and they seem like such nice people. And George Clooney, there you are up on stage again. You are so handsome but even more so with a clean shaven face. Yes, please ditch the beard.

3) Ben Affleck’s acceptance speech for “Argo” was awesome at the end. He said if you fall, get back up. I thought it was a great ending though, and something his children will always remember. I’m guessing the little ones were asleep but I’m sure they will eventually see the show at some point.  

4) The pale pink dresses. I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s dress the best. Jennifer Aniston’s red dress was so pretty but also a bit boring. I would have spruced it up with more exciting jewelry or a funky hairstyle. Anne Hathaway’s pink dress was to die for but she could have used an extra under garment on the top half. I loved the combination of the pale pink color and flower-shaped Tiffany diamond necklace though.

5) The top most inspiring moment was when the cast of "Les Miserables" sang their respective parts of “One More Day.” This included the amazing, wonderful and talented Hugh Jackman, beautiful and perfect Anne Hathaway, and countless other talents from show that delighted and amazed the audience. Barbra Streisand's performance of the “The Way We Were" was a close second.

The Five Most Awkward Moments

1) Kristen Chenoworth and Seth MacFarlane sang a song about the losers at the end. They mentioned “Lincoln” in the song and Daniel Day Lewis won for best actor so how can it be a loser? Points deducted for this mistake.

2) I loved the movie “Avengers.“ Unfortunately, the group of actors who played super heroes in the movie presented an award to a competing movie. I felt bad for them having to do this, when in fact, it was the most popular movie of the year if you just count ticket sales. And where was the guy who played Thor? And Loki? 

3) Seth MacFarlane’s song about female actors who went topless in movies was offensive. I kept wondering, which Academy Award intern had to research this? Was a male and did he enjoy the task? What is a female intern and was she horrified? Will she sue the Academy for having to research this?

4) I was offended that Quentin Tarantino was allowed to keep talking way after his time was up while the lesser known people were totally cut off with no mercy. They quieted the cut-off music for him and he didn’t even say anything worthwhile.

5) The theme from “Jaws” cut many people off. What was most rude was that they turned it up really loudly to get people to walk off stage.


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