Having Trouble Getting To Sleep?

More shut-eye can mean a more productive work day and happier life.

Many of my friends tell me they get up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to bed. Less commonly, I hear it’s hard to fall asleep.  

It’s known that we’re more productive at work and happier and healthier in general if we get enough shut eye at night, which is at least eight hours. I know some people who swear they only need six, but it seems like they’d need to catch up and get at least eight once in a while.

The TV show “CBS This Morning” had a sleep expert on earlier this week and had some good tips. I caught the segment right before I took my son to school and started my work day. No, I don’t sit around all day watching TV.

Here are the show’s tips:

  • Have a bedtime ritual.
  • Don’t take devices to bed. My two cents: By devices I think they mean smartphones and laptops.
  • No big meals, or spicy food right before bed.
  • No caffeine, or nicotine close to bed time.
  • Make sure the bedroom is not too hot, or not too cold.

The sleep doctor also said that sex can help men sleep but can be a stimulant in women. To that the TV show host quipped, “I should hope so!”

WebMD also has a lot to say on the topic. An article called “Six Surprising Sleep Wreckers” says that alcohol as a night cap, pain and pets in bed can disrupt sleep.

I have personally found that I sleep better when I exercise.

I think this topic is extremely important because sleeping more soundly through the night might be the answer to a lot of problems.

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