Strange Days Indeed

Pope quitting, famous athletes falling from grace, weird weather and cruise ship fiasco have made for an odd couple of weeks.

There’s a marvelous scene in the film From Dusk Till Dawn, when after a group of non believing travelers are attacked by a legion of vampires. Then in the midst of massive carnage and dozens of impaled and decapitated blood suckers, George Clooney says, “Setting aside the fact that there are no such things as vampires.” I begin today’s diatribe with that quote, so that I may observe the following:

Setting aside the fact that global warming is a myth and there really is little need for gun control in this country, it has, at the very least, been an odd couple of weeks.

First, Pope Benedict XVI called it a day and prepared to head for San Clemente. Let me take a moment to say, thank you, Holy Father, for all that you’ve done. These are tough times and there’s no easy way to shepherd such a diverse flock and as we’ve all learned too well, hiding a problem doesn’t make it go away. Although, on your way out, how about you putting in a good word for a Latino Bishop. After all 45 percent of the church is from South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. And Europe does have a 2,000-year head start … just a thought.

Nor was it a good fortnight for our athletic role models. Between shooting up human growth hormones and shooting down bathroom doors, who’s a kid to look up to?

Of course, the weather’s been interesting, frost and rain and sunshine, oh my. What did Mark Twain say? “If don’t like the weather in San Francisco, just wait a couple of minutes.” However, this isn’t San Francisco, this is Los Gatos and it’s too damn cold, wet and hot to not have at least a view of a bridge.

On the bright side, I didn’t spend Valentine’s Day adrift in the Gulf of Mexico on the good ship Lolly Poop (you like that? That was good).

Oh well, March will be here soon. What do you bet it will come in like a locust?

Have a good weekend.

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Sheila Sanchez February 23, 2013 at 12:53 AM
Mr. Jazz Man, thank you for continuing to make us smile! Your post made my day! Love your diatribes! Keep them coming. My favorite part: "I didn’t spend Valentine’s Day adrift in the Gulf of Mexico on the good ship Lolly Poop."


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