On Compassion

How one may see, or feel one of the most important attributes of humanity.

To think to feel takes away from the natural caring that is compassion.

One unwillingly gives oneself away in the hopes of bettering that of any being, seeking out happiness through the happiness of another. To cradle the sadness till it is lulled asleep and awakens as the brimming possibility of peace; tearing the mask of deceit from that of the emotionally torn and physically abused, revealing a face of security and serenity.

Where there is a flurrying commotion in one's soul, compassion is there to offer tranquility, soothing the heart of those in need.

One must envelope the pain that lingers over a poor soul wallowing in self hatred and take that burden on as his own, setting the stranger free from the tyranny that kept him bound.

One must then diffuse the sickly feelings along with battling those of his own, showing no remorse for life of pursuing compassion.

He takes fault when others are to blame. He takes hate when he deserves nothing but love. His heart is mangled as he feeds it to the wolves, keeping them from starvation.

Compassion is the warm gentle breeze that brushes a baby’s cheek, calming her as she cries, laying her to rest.

Compassion is a tear shed for a widow in place of one of her own. It is a sincere grieving for those suffering.

The heart aches at seeing sadness in the face of a passer-by and weeps to the sounds of pain.

When one burns with suffering, compassion pours down upon him drowning the flames. It washes them away along with the sorrow that accompanied them, leaving him naked, reborn to live a life free of such moroseness.

When traveling through dark woods on unforeseen trails, compassion is the sun that breaks through the clouds shedding light upon the path.

The overwhelmed are weighted down, shriveling to the world that shows no love, yet compassion will cease to let the weight become too much and lift it from one’s shoulders.

Compassion comes in many forms from a familiar face, to a complete stranger, but the kind words uttered are no different when reaching the ears of the hopeless. They uplift souls that are chained to this uncontrollable life and pulls one up from the deepest and darkest self-made caves.

Compassion is the gentle and reassuring kiss of a mother after a fall.

Compassion is making a friend smile when surrounded by negativity.

Compassion is talking to a homeless man when no one else listens.

It is an understanding for the lost.

It is love for the alone.

It is hope for the hopeless.

Compassion is the loving that is unrelenting to circumstance and will be there for you when needed.

Compassion grows in the innocence of a child and is the warmth that surrounds your heart.        

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Irene Aida Garza-Ortiz September 29, 2012 at 11:02 PM
BEAUTIFUL! I know I have the Gift of Mercy! And this was so touching! Thank You for Posting!
Joni Holland September 30, 2012 at 02:20 PM
OMG...this was so beautiful and soo timely.Many thanks to the author.


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