Top 10 Los Gatos Library Children’s Picture Books

The following list is for the week of Nov. 1-7, 2012.

1. The vanishing pumpkin, Tony Johnston

A 700-year-old woman and an 800-year-old man, both witches, go searching on Halloween night for the pumpkin someone snitched from them.

2. Pinkalicious, Victoria Kann

A little girl who is obsessed with the color pink eats so many pink cupcakes that she herself turns pink.

3. Disney princess: a treasury of tales. Princess collection: Disney

Collection of popular Disney Princess tales.         

4. How the moon regained her shape, Janet Ruth Heller

After the sun insults her, the moon gets very upset and disappears, but with the help of her friends, the moon gains more self-confidence each day until she is back to her full size. Includes facts about the moon's phases and related activities.

5. The Berenstain Bears and the Papa's day surprise, Stan Berenstain

Papa Bear makes it clear to his family that he does not believe in celebrating Fathers' Day, then changes his opinion but fears it may be too late for any special treatment.

6. Liang and the magic paintbrush, Demi   

A poor boy who longs to paint is given a magic brush that brings to life whatever he pictures.

7. The Berenstain Bears go back to school, Stan Berenstain

On the first day of the new school year, the Berenstain cubs are reminded that "though school is a challenge, it can also be fun."

8. Halloween good night, Doug Cushman

On Halloween night, monsters, from hairy werewolves on the moors to scaly swamp creatures in a black lagoon, say goodnight to their mommies and daddies.

9. An old-fashioned Thanksgiving, Louisa May Alcott        

This adaptation of the original story follows the activities of seven children in nineteenth-century New England as they prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday while Mother is away caring for Grandmother.

10. Meeow and the big box, Sebastien Braun

Meeow, a black cat, paints a big box red and uses an orange chair and a blue mug to make into an imaginary fire engine.


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