Battle Over Thomas Kinkade Estate Quietly Settled

In a quick courtroom turnabout, lawyers have struck a deal to close the estate of the late Los Gatos artist.


After months of high-profile courtroom battles, lawyers for the estranged wife of late Los Gatos artist Thomas Kinkade and his live-in girlfriend have struck a deal in the multimillion dollar estate.

However, The San Jose Mercury News reports that it’s unclear who will inherit Kinkade’s Monte Serrano mansion and his warehouse of paintings.

The quarrel between Kinkade’s girlfriend Amy Pinto and his wife Nanette Kinkade began shortly after the 54-year-old artist’s death in April. Kinkade began dating Pinto after a legal separation from his wife of 28 years.

At the heart of the dispute were two disputed handwritten wills produced by Pinto that said Kinkade would leave her $10 million and his Monte Sereno home.

In a statement, lawyers say the women kept the artist’s message of “love, spirituality and optimism” in their amicable resolution.

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Diane S. December 22, 2012 at 09:06 PM
So who gets what? Still unclear. My opinion is: no matter what arrangement the gf had with Kinkade, everything should automatically go to his family, including his wife! The key word is wife. They may have been separated but not divorced. She was still his wife. A gf should never get anything. Family first! I think the gf tricked him into things when he was at the bottom of the barrel. She was with him only b/c of his worth. The only possible exception might be of he was divorced & he was with the gf 15-20 years (common law marriage). Even then, a gf should never get anything, all should go to the family even estranged or ex wife ...unless she says otherwise.


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