Where Should I Invest in 2014?

What are the experts saying about investing in the stock market as the new year begins? Here are some thoughts. What's Cramer saying?

The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Courtesy Wikimedia
The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Courtesy Wikimedia
Written by Dave Colby

If you've had money invested in the stock market during 2013, your portfolio has probably provided some bounce to your step most mornings this past year.

Five years into a bull market that continues, the Dow Jones Industrial averages rose more than 25 percent since the beginning of last year.

So what are the financial gurus saying about 2014?

Most Fed watchers expect the central bank to begin cutting back its $85-billion-per-month bond-buying program in the first quarter, a subject the market has been skittish about every time the subject is broached in the media.

Jeremy Siegel, a professor of finance at Wharton says The Dow Jones Industrial Average could possibly soar over 21,000 next year. "Nothing is a slam-dunk, as we know," Siegel told CNBC, "but certainly (it's) looking far more favorable now than it did six months ago."

Bruce Upbin of Forbes speculates on the best tech stocks to buy for the coming year for growth and value. Upbin suggests considering Synchronoss Technologies as one of his top picks.

And how about Jim Cramer? The Mad Money host gives some thought to "something brand new and astoundingly positive -- an atmosphere in Washington that's not as poisonous." Cramer analyzes 30 top stocks in three separate articles, and concludes AT&T continues to struggle against Verizon, that Intel has a terrific balance sheet, and speculates how much money JP Morgan could earn "if the bank were able to focus on being a bank rather, than on being a pinata of the Justice Department." 

Yet, be careful with your stock investments. That's the advice of MarketWatch writer Paul Farrell. Farrell believes there is a 98 percent chance the market will crash in 2014, saying after the "irrational exuberance of the 'Christmas rally' ” passes, reality will set in.


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