Thomas Kinkade Trust Seeks Restraining Order Against Late Painter's Girlfriend

A request for an injunction against the artist's girlfriend will be heard by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Patricia Lucas Tuesday. Court documents say Kinkade died the evening of April 5.

Attorneys representing the s wife, Nanette, trustee and executor of the Kinkade Family Trust and the artist's estate, have filed a temporary restraining order against

In court documents obtained Friday afternoon by Los Gatos Patch at the Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose, three attorneys with the Los Angeles-based law firm of Zuber & Taillieu LLP, said they are seeking the injunction to prevent Pinto-Walsh from disclosing information in breach of a confidentiality agreement she signed Feb. 25, 2011.

Kinkade, 54, was reported to have died the morning of April 6 in his Monte Sereno estate on Ridgecrest Drive. On Saturday, April 7, Pinto-Walsh gave a phone interview to Los Gatos Patch and said she was with Kinkade when he died, had called 911 at 11:30 a.m. and identified herself as Amy Pinto.

She also said she was Kinkade's live-in girlfriend, was with him for 18 months and that Kinkade had been separated from his wife Nanette for quite a while.

As to the cause of death, she said she wasn't supposed to divulge the information and that the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office would have more details in the next few days. "He died in his sleep ... He had a heart condition," she said.

The petition, to be heard by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Lucas, seeks to prohibit Pinto-Walsh from making statements or engaging in conduct that has the effect of defaming, criticizing, disparaging or discrediting Kinkade, Nanette Kinkade, or any company owned by Kinkade "to appear in a negative light or false light."

It also seeks to prevent Pinto-Walsh, who is living in the late painter's Monte Sereno mansion on Ridgecrest Drive, from publishing or assisting in the publishing of any book, article, review, notice, press release, advertisement, public or private communication or report concerning Kinkade, Nanette Kinkade or any company owned by Kinkade.

The order also states it wants to stop Pinto-Walsh from selling, trading, publishing, disclosing, producing, permitting access to or otherwise revealing proprietary information to anyone by means of photocopy, reproduction or electronic media.

Judge Lucas is set to hear the matter at 9 a.m., Tuesday, April 24, in department 2 of the Santa Clara County Superior Court Civil Division, 191 No. First St. in San Jose.

According to court documents, the confidentiality agreement prevents Pinto-Walsh from revealing private confidential information about the Kinkade family and trade secrets held by the Kinkade family businesses, including Windermere Holdings LLC and Pacific Metro LLC, also known as The Thomas Kinkade Company, "which she learned in her role as a personal assistant and companion to Thomas Kinkade."

Kinkade died the night of April 5, the documents further state, in contradiction to what's been reported by media all over the world, including Los Gatos Patch. They also state that the next morning, Pinto-Walsh breached the confidentiality agreement by speaking to Los Gatos Patch about his "non-public health condition."

Furthermore, Pinto-Walsh "announced to a friend of the Kinkade family" that she intended to breach the agreement by publicizing confidential information about the Kinkade family and its businesses, including private photographs.

"The release of these items would be personally devastating not only for Mrs. Kinkade, but also for the family's four daughters, who are grieving the sudden loss of their father," the attorneys wrote.

Pinto-Walsh had access to trade secrets and commercially sensitive information of Windermere and other businesses owned by the Kinkade family and she has "threatened to release, it is very likely that she will misappropriate Windermere's trade secrets for her own purposes or disclose them to third parties."

To back up their arguments, the attorneys included in their petition declarations made by family friends Linda Raasch, Denise Sanders, Robert Murray and Lisa M. Lawrence.

Murray is the attorney representing Windermere Holdings and Pacific Metro.

Murray writes in his declaration that he's been present in meetings which Pinto-Walsh also attended, during which aspects of Kinkade companies' business plans, strategies, financial information and other private sensitive information were mentioned.

Based on Pinto-Walsh's relationship with Kinkade, she had access to information regarding Thomas Kinkade Studios' proprietary painting techniques, including paint type, brush techniques and the use of computer technology in painting, the records stated.

On April 9, a medical examiner at the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office said an

The order to appear for the injunction request hearing was to be served on Pinto-Walsh on or before April 12. Opposition to it needed to be filed and served by personal delivery or email on or before Thursday, April 19, and any documents were to be delivered to the court by 10 a.m., Monday, April 23, the documents said.

Bite Me June 03, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Look who's trying to take the Christian angle now; after the awful things you wrote about Thomas. Not one person with one living brain cell would ever believe the story you told about the picture of a man with an erection that reached the ground.
Liberty June 04, 2012 at 12:50 AM
I believe Not a Fan's first hand recollections. Seeing these "true believers" types defending Kinkade's FALSE image, who MUST blame someone else for Kinkade's NON CHRISTIAN life and death, I'm reminded of Leon Festinger's classic study on cults "When Prophecy Fails". The UFO cult was told on "X" day, the world WOULD end. When it DID NOT end, what did the believers do? Those less invested in the cult and it's theories left the group. The true believers, however, STILL BELIEVED, and just MODIFIED their beliefs (the day must have been wrong, but the prophecy still correct) and kept right on believing in spite of the prophecy being DEMONSTRABLY FALSE. Just like these diehards trashing the girlfriend, but NOT Kinkade.
Blessed Assurance June 04, 2012 at 02:03 AM
You keep harping on Christian beliefs. I have not made any reference to Christianity whatsoever or what Thomas did or did not believe. The mere suggestion of such a abnormality of the human body is so ludicrous within itself is abhorrent. If this indeed were the truth the individual would have been seeking medical relief from such a freakish deformity. Additionally, It is inconceivable because it would have prevented him from having a normal sex life with anyone or anything. Not sure but it probably would have prevented him from satisfying himself; physically impossible. I could care less about a UFO cult on "X" day and what they did I could care less about Leon Festinger's or anyone else study on cults about "When Prophecy Fails". And I have not read anywhere that anyone is defending how Thomas chose to live his life. Thomas was an adult and responsible his own actions regardless of what they were. The people that will suffer the most from Thom's actions are his four daughters who are grieving the loss of their father. Alcoholism is defined as "continued excessive and usually uncontrollable use of alcholoic drinks; also: a complex chronic psychological and nutritional disorder associated with with such use. It is a horrible disease that affects millions of people suffer from on a daily basis. It takes professional help, family support and self determination to defeat it; however, mitigating circumstances often cause a not to recover or relapse.
Not a Fan June 04, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Thanks again Liberty,... I can't help it if Bite Me is personally offended by the "awful truth" (it was a Freak Porn mag, not so much an erection as it just naturally hung to the ground...leave it to Thom to find such a thing and demand to have it ) ...I am a born again Christian, AND I hung out with Thom in the 80's, before I had had enough and could only get away from his obsessive sexual pestering by moving unannounced. We couldn't ride in a car together without his groping hand up my skirt...then there was the phone call Thom began to talk dirty to me...hearing his heavy breathing, I asked him point blank if he was masturbating, after his admission, I hung up on him with disgust....the nerve to do something like this without my permission or participation. And speaking about cults...Thom used to boast in that he could get me to call him telepathically...and scarily, he was right. I would get this crazy obsessive urge to call him when he was thinking of me. Once I realized what he was doing through his own boasts, I put a stop to it. And I knew then that he possessed a cult-like personality and it was high time to RUN AWAY. Oh yes, he did all of these things while painting a Christian fish beside his name on his paintings. I have plenty of stories Bite Me, shall I go on or can't you handle more of the "awful truth"? That is if your brain cells can handle it.
Wavoka June 04, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Liberty, I totally agree. I too believe NAF's story about Kinkade. From an evidentiary standpoint. NAF's story is very believable. It is in keeping with not only the published accounts of TK's behavior, the accounts of his neighbors and fellow bar patrons, but also in keeping with TK's reputation prior to his moving to Los Gatos, which likely remains a body of information unknown to this current crop of dishonest apologists. Who knows, NAF may tell more stories, that will help to document the moral and ethical failings of a younger TK? Alcohol abuse was NOT the sole cause of TK abhorrent behavior, as some would have us believe. He had a history. Was Ms Pinto a "Gold Digger", maybe, maybe not, but it seems a charge that will be impossible to prove definitively. And while I think Ms. Pinto's statements to the press upon TK's passing were inappropriate, I temper my criticism somewhat, with the understanding that she was likely in a state of shock, as I believe most of us would have been were we in the intimate company of someone that would pass away. So while I may not believe Ms. Pinto's hands are clean, I think it grossly inappropriate to attacker her in such a gross and vulgar manner, while at the same time effectively dismissing the responsible party, TK, for his own personal conduct. The attacks by these apologists bring to mind the recent behavior of Rush Limbaugh. Maybe that is where they learned it, or it could be an innate behavior for those that think in that way?
Not a Fan June 04, 2012 at 03:59 AM
To see pictures of a younger Thomas Kinkade and to read more blogs about others who knew him back in the day, visit: http://concrete.blogs.com/paul_chadwicks_weblog/2012/04/thomas-kinkade-1958-2012.html
Wavoka June 04, 2012 at 06:45 AM
"Not A Fan" Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the read. My confidence in your truthfulness is now absolute, not that it was lacking previously. You provide a testimony of TK's life that predates my much lesser experiences of a business nature. TK would return to Placerville, and there he would continue to build a reputation that is in keeping with your perceptions. In fact, when by your response I learned you were a female, I flashed on the thought that you could be a women I have heard about, but most obviously you are not. I think it a certainty, that Nanette, depending how much she knew, had troubles with TK that most of us might only imagine. Though by your experiences, you might well imagine. TK lived a life not as a Christian, but a life that would take advantage of what others perceived of his Christianity. Most of those that are making so much noise now, only witnessed the final chapter of TK's life, ignorantly believing "his fall from grace" was a recent event. How foolish they are. I find your honesty refreshing, not in keeping with my experiences, as noted on this forum. I wish you were in closer proximity, assuming you are in SoCal, I would enjoy sitting down, having a discussion on the foundations of belief, and of course on TK. Thank you again for your contributions.
Liberty June 04, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I thank you also Not a Fan, for that blog with those first hand accounts by people like you that knew Kinkade. Very fascinating information.
Deborah June 04, 2012 at 05:43 PM
I'd like to join in agreement, as a deep lover of Christ, myself. In regards to TK's wife, think of the analogy of Sandra Bullock. When she accepted her Oscar a couple of years ago, she ended with a loving tribute to Jesse James, "Thank you...I love you...I never knew what it was like to have someone have my back, before you." Two weeks later, Jesse James' egregious adultery hit the press. No one...absolutely no one...sets themselves up on an Oscar stage for this type of public humiliation. In other words, Sandra simply did not know. She may have had some suspicions...which she may have addressed with her husband in the past....but then, when James looked her straight in the eye, and most likely, with the most loving tones, lied, and told her, of course he would never betray her....she believed him. That's what good hearted people do - they believe their spouses. They believe easily, especially if the faithful spouse does not lie and cheat herself, for she can't imagine the level of lying and cheating, of her "Christian" husband....until it's too late, after many children have been born, and need to be nurtured and supported.
Deborah June 04, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Lastly, there's an actual biochemical and neurophysiological propensity for wives, (especially those whose plates are full with the work of raising the children and running the household and maybe a shared business), to go into a bizarre-to-any-outside-observer form of denial. It's similar to the blind spots in your rear view mirror. Developmentally, there's such a strong need to maintain the nest for survival, her brain goes into this deep denial. To the outside observer, it looks like she knows, and is complicit, but, she does not know....until it's too late. Again, even Sandra Bullock, who had no shared children with Jesse James, was in the same sort of good-hearted-woman's blind-spotted denial. So, please don't judge Nanette too harshly. As I've written on this comment string before, if she could have controlled TK's free will, and if she had to choose between money and having her husband and the father of children fall to his knees, repent, and change, she would choose a life of relative poverty with a changed man, who could be a good husband and father, in their intact family. Absent that, the money at least takes the edge off.
Deborah June 04, 2012 at 05:50 PM
I disagree that the girlfriend had no control over TK. She could have been a voice in his ear to stop the insanity, and to go back to his wife and children....to change for the better. Men like TK need everyone, even adultery partners, to speak up for what's right. Women like Pinto need to learn that it does not pay to aid and abet men to leave their families, and aid and abet men to drink and drug themselves to death.
Not a Fan June 04, 2012 at 11:55 PM
ok will do
SteamGatos June 05, 2012 at 01:34 AM
SteamGatos I just emerged from my cave only to discover Thomas Kinkade is DAID. It seems as many as 1 out of 20 Americans own some piece of his art. He made a fine science out of the cozy cottage motif. And I discover he had tonnes of art critics that despise his work. Perhaps his work was not edgy enough or maybe they are just jealous. And it seemed Thomas developed some eccentricities. --Developing a taste for tempestuous badgirl flesh with manufactured mammories from faraway shores --Wetting down Winnie the Pooh. What do I get from that? --Thomas via his art secured for himself a certain earthly immortality that will last far beyond his death. --AND Drugs are bad Alcohol is bad Badgirlz are BAD
Liberty June 05, 2012 at 05:04 AM
I hope for the people posting here that are Christian, that they didn't exchange one charismatic cult figure for another. I'm sure you'll recall the very TELLING Cheech in Chong skit from back in the days that said "I used to be all hung up on drugs, now I'm all hung up on the Lord." Televangalist Joel Osteen said Kinkade was his favorite painter, this from a multi millionaire who doesn't even have a crucifix or picture of Jesus on the cross in his stadium sized Church, according to this article: http://www.express.co.uk/features/view/324596/Power-of-the-preachers
Not a Fan June 05, 2012 at 06:38 AM
I once asked the Lord about the Cult tele-evangelical "Christians" who publicly fell from grace. He answered me by asking a series of questions. His first question was, "What kind of runners are there?" From running long distance in High school, I knew the answer. "There are two kinds, long distant runners, and sprinters." He then asked, "And what is the goal of each?" I knew that answer as well. "The sprinters must run the fastest and be the first to cross the finish line." He then asked, "And what did MS Bennet always tell you about your long distance race?" "She always said, just cross the finish line, that this was enough." Then I understood what He was saying. The race we run in this life is a distance race, it is enough that we endure and cross the finish line into the Kingdom of Heaven. It isn't about running the fastest race, or being the first...it is enough to just cross the finish line and that those proclaimed fallen "Christians" were running the wrong race! (or a race He never intended for them to run)
Not a Fan June 05, 2012 at 06:47 AM
...and I think Thom qualifies as a sprinter, "The most collected living artist" and "self proclaimed painter of light" at what cost did he sell his soul for this??? ...a definite sprinter.
Liberty June 05, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Thank you for that Not a Fan. I'm glad you're discerning of the various preachers. The Bible also says by their FRUITS ye shall know them, not by what they say, but by what they actually do.
Not a Fan June 05, 2012 at 08:14 PM
That be true Liberty, a good tree can not produce bad fruit, nor a bad tree produce good fruit....fruit inspection is the key. Also we are not to be deceived in that we Will reap we sow...weather to the flesh producing death, or to the spirit producing life...Thom is so problematic in all of this, I would just rather ignore him and try to find some enjoyment in what he painted. Unfortunately, he gets in the way of that big time. And the larger issues of life in God or death apart from Him should be the focus of a Christian's life. I'm sorry, but the Gospel according to Thomas Kinkade amounted to little more than "invest in my heirloom paintings and spread the light by hanging them dead center on your living room wall". Can't buy it, sorry, just can't.
Liberty June 05, 2012 at 08:47 PM
I can't buy it either, for the same reasons. I am hoping that someone writes a book on Kinkade like the one Peter Bergen wrote on Osama bin Laden "The Osama bin Laden I know", which consisted of people who actually knew the man at different times of his life, their recollections. It shed a lot of light in what a person who is subject to a lot of myth making and spin was really like: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/osama-bin-laden-i-know-peter-bergen/1100630719
Not a Fan June 07, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Wow, Blessed Ass....what a bunch of bullock
SteamGatos June 10, 2012 at 08:48 PM
>>"The Osama bin Laden I know",<< Why is it when someone is disagreeable , so often they are so often compared to someone like Hitler and now Osama bin Laden? Did Thomas Kincaid burn down the Twin Towers of the art world by assaulting it with one too many "cute cottage" drink coasters?
Liberty June 10, 2012 at 09:57 PM
I did not compare Kinkade to BinLaden. I said I hoped someone would write a book on Kinkade like the book written on Bin Laden called "The Osama Bin Laden I Know", which consists of first hand recollections by people who knew bin laden at various points in his life, like Not a Fan and other posters who knew Kinkade did. I am hoping a book is made of ALL their recollections of Kinkade.
Fg74hb July 16, 2012 at 12:39 AM
You know what X... Who friggin cares if he was a drunk, or if he, you, or I for that matter lived in sin, with his live in girlfriend, or whomever. You, I bet are far from sin, wrong doing as am I. The fact is is that lady is and has always been a Live In G- Friend and has no rights to any money's unless authorized by Kinkade or his family. So sick of everyone judging and kicking people when they are down, literally, he is down, and has accomplished alot while he was here. Now let the world enjoy his work and leave him and the family the heck alone. I dont know who he is, or the family, but dam, you are just as pathetic for all the beat downs you are giving him and his family. What is it? Jealousy? Who cares if your angry, get over it, whatever it is, and leave the family to do whatever they wish to do and get rid of that Gold Digging Delilah.
Mike July 16, 2012 at 08:12 AM
@Fg74hb, If I would have to seat in a jury box with you, I and ten other members of “jury of my/your pears”, I would be concerned and frustrated with you at this juncture of the case, three months pass by, still didn’t catch up with all the development on this case. You mention “...I don’t know who he is, or the family...” you continue to write...” you are as pathetic for all the beat downs you are giving him and his family”…From concluding remarks I detected you are not informed yet from all the reported articles out there so far. First and foremost I would like to assume you are writing as a concerned citizen, unlike some of these imposters with an agenda. Be it as it may, this case does not seem it will die down any-time-soon at least in the media. So far, thanks to the Los Gatos Patch diligent reporting there is informative Articles and other attached documents related to this case, enough to help you understand and learn on this matter so as to make informed opinion. Even people close enough to know Thomas Kinkade as a person and business man are still learning form these new revelations coming out periodically in the last three months. You as a casual observer, you still could accesses to all publically released documents and reported articles In Los Gatos Path to stay informed, and make informed opinion as well as sound judgment on this case. continue.....
Mike July 16, 2012 at 08:17 AM
Continue... @Fg74hb, Informed juror is the bed-rock of the society we live in, you need to be informed and updated as to be like-minded member of our society we live in. May you be judged by the jury of your peers! If you ask me I always prey for the informed one.
Wavoka July 16, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I agree with Mike. You obviously have not even a basic concept of the issues involved in this case, yet you are more then willing to condemn other by the judgements you make. I don't think it is a matter of anger as you suggest, but rather a matter of right and wrong. Hopefully, you can spend sufficient time to develop an understanding of the case prior to posting again.
Wavoka July 16, 2012 at 10:09 PM
The strange goings on at PATCH. #1 A GREAT number of the posts have been removed from this blog, not just the offensive posts of Gavin, but ALL of the posts over a month's time, even the sincere posts of those who would temp honest discussion. It is rather odd how this has played out. There has been a continued abuse of this blog by those that would continually adopt additional pseudonyms, make inflammatory comments, yet nothing was done. After months of racist, inflammatory, quite possibly slanderous comments made under Gavin's name, going so far as to suggest murder, Sheila stepped forward to defend Gavin, claiming it was not him making those comments. However, it was very quickly discovered that it was in fact Gavin, that he was making verbatim posts on other sites using his full name. Sheila made no comment, yet seemingly to allowed Gavin to continue to comment as he wished. At the same time, Sheila would censor and ban the person that would report the actual minutes of a city council meeting, a report that cast a bad light on Gavin's employer. It was not until someone began posting under the "Blessed Assurance" pseudonym, someone not associated with the person identified by that pseudonym, that things changed. And it appears obvious by the content of those posts, it was none other than Gavin that had dishonestly hijacked the "Blessed Assurance" pseudonym
Wavoka July 16, 2012 at 10:10 PM
The strange goings on at PATCH. #2 The misleading posts obviously angered the person associated with the "Blessed Assurances" pseudonym, understandably so. The real "Blessed Assurance" threatened legal action, challenged Sheila to reveal those that would do such things, to respond to that dastardly activity. What happens? Nothing! Sheila simply deletes EVERYTHING. It is unfortunate there was not a more responsible response, one that would reflect positively on truth, honesty, and journalistic commitment.
Concerned Citizen July 18, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Wakova: You have done a wonderful job speaking out about "The strange goings on at Patch". I am somewhat surprised that your post was not deleted. I also noticed that comments were closed by the editor on the blog where "Blessed Assurance" comments were posted. Thank You for speaking out!!
Concerned Citizen July 18, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Dead silence on these blogs as of late since it was discovered that someone hacked another person's account and blogs mysteriously disappeared from the website from the angered individual. Still no comment from the editor concerning the dastardly events happened.


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