Readers' Choice Winner: Athletic Performance

Popular sporting goods store in Los Gatos wins by 64 percent of the vote in the Los Gatos Patch Readers' Choice poll.

The results are in and has been named the best sporting goods store in town in this week's

Athletic Performance received 64 percent of the votes and edged out which also had a strong showing.

Five reviews came in for the West Main Street shop owned by Willie Harmatz and

Los Gatos Patch reader had this to say: "Athletic Performance is my favorite place to buy running shoes. When friends or family ask me to hep them pick good running shoes, I send them to Athletic Performance because I know the staff in the shop will be able to guide any person to buy the right shoe for whatever they're training for."

Of the 75 votes received, Athletic Performance got 48 of them, or 64 percent followed by Summit Bicycles, which got 22 votes or 29 percent.

"It always feels nice to win," said Harmatz Friday morning upon learning the news. "It just shows that the community supports you and that's always a nice feeling. It also shows we do a little bit more than just sell in here. We're really active in a lot of races and community training groups. We're really into promoting fitness for everyone."

Such efforts carry over into building good relationships with town athletes and average folk looking for advice on how to improve their fitness level and engage in sports, Harmatz added.

The store sells a variety of athletic foot wear, such as cross trainers, tennis, aerobics, zumba, dance, basketball, hiking and trail shoes. It also sells athletic equipment such backbacks and swimming clothing.

Harmatz said he garned votes by sending the poll to one of his race lists and promoting through social media and word of mouth.

Athletic Performance has been opened since 1989. It heavily promotes local foot races such as the upcoming April 29 Great Race sponsored by the Rotary Club of Los Gatos and Patch, among other sponsors. In the summer, on the second Saturday in August, the store will once again host the Dammit Run, another popular event that draws hundreds of local walkers and runners.

It's currently accepting registrations for the Great Race at the store, Harmatz said.

Please review Athletic Performance or any of the other sporting goods businesses listed in the poll on Los Gatos Patch's Places page.

Coming Monday: Los Gatos Patch is looking for the "best sports bar" in town. The voting begins at 9 a.m.


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