Airship Ventures Says 'Goodbye'

After fundraising campaign fails, the Mountain View-based company packs up.

It's the end of another era.

Airship Ventures, the company which leased and operated the passenger airship Zeppelin Eureka, could not raise the $5 to $6 million it needed to continue operations. This means that the familiar image of the Eureka flying around the Bay Area, emblazoned with a company logo and carrying sightseers will become a distant memory.

"We have reduced staff to the level needed to wind down and disassemble the ship," CEO Brian Hall told Patch by email. "That process should be finished before the holidays."

The Mountain View-based company had a staff of 35.

The 246-feet airship flew 20,000 passengers since it's maiden flight in 2008 for both leisure and professional services like the provision of aerial television coverage for sporting events. It had been stored inside Hangar Two at Moffett Field, not too far from Hangar One, the home of the dirigible airship USS Macon until 1935.

What do you think about the Eureka not flying again? What memories do you have of the Eureka? Tell us in comments.

19560 Ardmore Court, Saratoga, CA December 18, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Sorry to see it go. Thanks for the service. Bob Flora
Adam Alexander January 05, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Airship Ventures Assets up for Auction http://auctionhq.com/event/airship-ventures/


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