10 Questions for We've Got Your Back Owner Rita Marcojohn

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Rita Marcojohn opened , 114 Royce St., in January of 2010 after working for 30 years as a high tech executive. The business delivers best-in-class products for ergonomic seating and accessories, fitness gear and comfort solutions. The show room in Los Gatos was designed to serve the community with educational programs on back and body health, fitness programs and product demonstrations. Its hours of operation are 10 a.m.-6  p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Los Gatos Patch: What did you dream of being as a kid? 

Rita Marcojohn: A scientist. I somehow grew up loving chemistry and chemistry sets.

Patch: How does your personality play into your business?

Marcojohn: I enjoy people and solving problems. Many people come in looking for help finding a comfort, ergonomic, fitness or rebabilitation solution. I enjoy
meeting new people, getting to know them and helping them to find a solution
to their problem.

Patch: At what moment did you decide to open a business? 

Marcojohn: After about 25-plus years in high tech I decided I needed a change. I always wanted to start my own business and I was not getting any younger. It was a "now or never" kind of decision   

Patch: What inspired you?

Marcojohn: At about 50 I discovered I enjoyed cycling, rowing and endurance sports. I also discovered the neck and joint pain I lived with felt better when I
moved, stretched and sought chiropractic care and massage. Health and wellness became an interest and then a passion. I felt I needed to share my discovery with others and We've Got Your Back was formed.

Patch: Describe the biggest challenge of owning a business in the Town of
Los Gatos?

Marcojohn: Los Gatos has been great and I feel very fortunate to have started the business here. The town has been supportive and it has been great to be a
part of this thriving community.

Patch: Describe the best thing about owning a business in the town of Los

Marcojohn: Seems Los Gatos is synonymous with health and wellness. People here work hard, play hard and are into staying healthy and active. I guess I feel
they are very receptive to our message and intensions. 

Patch: What is one thing you would never change about your business?

Marcojohn: Our downtown location and our artwork by Teri Hill.

Patch: What is your business' greatest asset? 

Marcojohn: Our team and business focus.

Patch: What is your favorite spot in town?

Marcojohn: I have lots of favorite places. Lately I am hooked on

Patch: What's one thing the community should know about you? 

Marcojohn: I am committed to sharing everything I learn about health and wellness with the Los Gatos Community.

Irene Aida Garza-Ortiz August 14, 2012 at 09:01 PM
I totally support what you do Rita. I was injured at the job & was given everything to fit just me. Only to have my Boss then move me to another station. And I got even more injured! I'm so gone from that nightmare & did take them to court. Yes, I won.
John Hogan August 14, 2012 at 09:20 PM
This is a great store to pick up some holiday gifts as well as furniture and other tools for healthy living. Rita is also a strong supporter of community groups and events. Please make it a point to shop local when you can.
Jane Darwin August 14, 2012 at 10:21 PM
I often appreciate stores that had the cleverness to have a name that makes me smile. Definitely this one does so I will look to visit soon!


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