10 Questions for Drywalk Owners Susie Massoud and Mimi Qubain

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, 422 North Santa Cruz Ave., in Los Gatos. Customers can choose from a variety of blowout styles, all with names reminiscent of the fashion world, including Strike A Pose, Milan Frenzy, New York Sleek and more. Its services include specialty hair/scalp treatments, hair accessories, styling products, memberships, multi-blow dry passes, gift cards and private parties. Drywalk accepts walk-ins and customers are typically out in 45 minutes. The business' hours of operation are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Wednesday; 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Details: 408-884-8385.         Drywalk

Los Gatos Patch: What did you dream of being as a kid?

Susie & Mimi: We always dreamed of starting a business together that was different and new. Growing up, we watched our father own small businesses, and always admired his ambition and how hard he worked at not only making it successful but keeping the past traditions of when businesses were at a smaller more personal level and customer service was valued.

Patch: How does your personality play into your business?

Susie & Mimi: We both worked in our family’s businesses growing up, where we mixed with customers and employees every day. It instilled in us how to interact and socialize with all different age groups, ethnicities and personalities. It’s a big part of why we enjoy being social and meeting new people so much. It is why we enjoyed opening our own business, and love being here each and every day meeting so many new individuals from our clients to our staff.

Patch: At what moment did you decide to open a business?

Susie: About a year before we opened Drywalk, I walked into a blow-dry bar and was hooked. I loved everything about it, the energy, the vibe. I could see myself doing exactly that, but with my own style and feel driving it.

Mimi: We always wanted to do something together, and the timing was just right. We have family and friends all over the world, and have been fortunate enough to visit many different places and see how their lifestyles differ from ours - from fashion to personal care and services. We learned a lot, and knew our future was in the beauty industry. The blow-dry bar business was our chance to take what we’ve learned and put our own stamp on it – and here we are today.

Patch: What inspired you?

Susie: The blow-dry bar business made perfect sense to me, because it’s a service that I want and need too. Affordable, convenient hair styling for women who want to look great all the time, but can’t wait for an appointment to open up at a full service salon. It complements the busy lifestyles we’re all leading. 

Mimi: Regardless of where women live, we all want to look great, but achieving professionally styled hair on your own is not that easy. We both had difficult hair growing up and always needed help. We saw the concept of hair styling salons being offered in other countries, and it was just starting to take off here, so we knew it was the right opportunity to pursue.

Patch: Describe the biggest challenge of owning a business in the Los Gatos?

Susie: The biggest challenge is finding the right people to work for us, and so far we’ve been very successful. Our team consists of pro stylists who are passionate about giving people the best service and experience every time they walk in the door.  

Mimi: We’ve always known Los Gatos for all it had to offer, the wonderful restaurants, great shopping, must-see entertainment and more. But now as business owners, it’s quite different. We’re enjoying connecting with the town in this new way and meeting other owners.

Patch: Describe the best thing about owning a business in Los Gatos?

Susie: We can’t say enough about the charm of Los Gatos. People here really care about their community and support their local businesses. We constantly have people stopping in, not just for appointments, but to check out the salon they’ve heard about. We hear great feedback from customers all the time.  Opening Drywalk here was the perfect choice.

Mimi: It’s amazing how much positive encouragement we received from the public and other shop owners when we were building out the business and first opened doors. Since then, we’ve received nothing but wonderful feedback from customers and other business owners. It gives us a great sense of accomplishment and encouragement to continue doing exactly what we’re doing.   

Patch: What is one thing you would never change about your business?

Susie: At the heart of our business is our firm commitment to customer service. It’s key to creating the positive energy and quality of service that our clientele has come to know us by.  

Mimi: It’s all about the customer experience. That’s what guides us, as well as maintaining the highest integrity in the way we run our business.

Patch: What is your business' greatest asset?

Susie: I would have to save the partnership between Mimi and myself, along with the team we’ve developed. The people are the heart and soul of Drywalk.

Mimi: Our unwavering commitment to making sure that every customer who walks through our door feel that they’ve arrived, are given the best service possible, and of course, then walk out the door knowing they look Fabulous!

Patch: What is your favorite spot in town?

Susie: More than a spot, I would say for me that it’s the feeling I get every time I stroll through town, or enjoy an evening out at one of the many restaurants with my family or friends. It’s the overall old town feeling, history of the buildings, but with their modern twist. Plus, you have beautiful neighborhoods, scenic mountains and great trails. 

Mimi: There is much to love in this town from the people to the many places to visit, shop, dine and more. And there is always someplace new to discover. It’s really hard to pick a favorite.

Patch: What's one thing the community should know about you?

Susie: They should know how much pride we have in our service, and how much it means to us to see our clients happy from the moment they arrive until they walk out the door – looking and feeling great. 

Mimi: We’re not just another hair salon service. At Drywalk, we want to give all women that confidence they feel when they know they look great, as well as provide them with a luxurious experience each and every time they visit us.               


Voluptuary April 22, 2013 at 04:30 PM
I can't wait to come in to get my hair done and to meet the lovely owners! I'm sure I will be a frequent patron as Drywalk is right down the street from my shop, Voluptuary. Best Wishes for a fabulous first year! Tricia


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