10 Questions for Andrea Blackwell Cosmetics Owner

Andrea Blackwell has been in the beauty business for 20 years. She started her makeup business after seeing a great need for women to get the correct color for their different skin tones.

Andrea Blackwell Cosmetics started in 2003 specializing in custom foundation to match all skin colors. Blackwell is an expert in color theory and the application of makeup. She has a huge selection of makeup to choose from in an elegant private studio. Email her at andrea@blackwellcosmetics.com or call her at 408-975-9862.

Los Gatos Patch: What did you dream of being as a kid?

Andrea Blackwell: I always wanted to work in the fashion world. As a teenager, I would cut out pictures of makeup and fashion from magazines and tape them on my closet door. I just like looking at all the colors.

Patch: How does your personality play into your business?

Blackwell: I love to create. When a client comes to me I start creating right away in my mind. I can see her makeup finished before I have even started. All I have to do is pick up the brush. My business is very much a part of me. I love that.

Patch: At what moment did you decide to open a business?

Blackwell: In 2003, master makeup artist Helene Sutherlund called me and asked if I wanted to buy her business. She wanted to retire. I was a client of Helene's since 1992 and she knew I was color trained. I had to get an esthetician licensed to buy the business so 600 hours later I got the license. You need to be an esthetician to sell our skin-care and foundation. Helene trained me for five years. She told me in her lifetime she was only going to pass all her knowledge and experience she learned as a makeup artist for 30 years one time.

Patch: What inspired you?

Blackwell: In the '80s I did a two-year fashion program and I just loved all the classes. It was fun. I loved the effects color had. I really got into it.

Patch: Describe the biggest challenge of owning a business in the town of Los Gatos?

Blackwell: I haven't had any challenges, thank goodness.

Patch: Describe the best thing about owning a business in the town of Los Gatos?

Blackwell: Seeing my clients around town looking good.

Patch: What is one thing you would never change about your business?

Blackwell: I would not change my terrific products. My custom foundation is wonderful. Women love it. I have a huge selection of makeup.

Patch: What is your business' greatest asset?

Blackwell: My eye for color and knowing how to see the right color makeup for my clients. I make women feel very comfortable about learning how to apply makeup. My studio has terrific lighting so I can really see the makeup. I make sure they know what to do with application. I really want them to know what I know.

Patch: What is your favorite spot in town?

Blackwell: Standing in front of . It's an amazing-looking high school, but I love the whole town. Los Gatos is so special.

Patch: What's one thing the community should know about you?

Blackwell: I was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to the states in 1967. I graduated from Saratoga High School. I have a wonderful husband, three terrific kids and two dogs.


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