Student’s Cat Severely Injured Christmas Eve

“I came home to find Leo outside on the step, severely injured and freezing.”

This is Leo. His owner found him injured on Christmas Eve. (Photo: GoFundMe.com)
This is Leo. His owner found him injured on Christmas Eve. (Photo: GoFundMe.com)

Dee Pei has raised Leo since he was a tiny kitten. Now eight years old, he often goes outside on adventures.

On Christmas Eve, Dee returned home to find her beloved pet severely injured, “I believe that he may have gotten into a scuffle with a larger animal, possibly a dog or a coyote. His fur was matted with blood and he had signs of bite marks on his body.”

Dee rushed Leo to an emergency pet clinic where he underwent surgery.

As a student, Dee is scraping-by financially, so she’s turned to the crowdfunding website GoFundMe.com to raise money to pay for Leo’s treatment.

If you would like to help Dee pay for Leo’s care, click on the link above.

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