Los Gatos Lions Help Needy Family for Holidays

Club members raise $3,375 to help couple with three children who live in the Los Gatos Mountains.

The Los Gatos Lions Club sponsored a needy family who lives in the Los Gatos Mountains for the holidays.

 Each year in December the active and hard-working service club uses its social resources to find a local family who could use a helping hand.

This year’s family had three children, including twin girls 7½ years old and a son who is 11.

One of the girls had learning challenges. The mother was very sick last year and was in the hospital frequently, according to Los Gatos Lions Mike Moresco.

To add to the family's problems, the husband lost his job, Moresco said, and the mother’s health has improved but the only job she has is one hour per day as a playground monitor. 

"This family was really in a tough position and without support would have had a very limited Christmas. They were not asking for help, are very proud and were actually reluctant to accept a possible helping hand," Moresco noted.

When asked what they needed, they said “Nothing for us, but for our children we would be very grateful and humble to accept any help,” Moresco added.

Last year, club members and friends reached into their own pockets and generously donated more than $2,500 to support their sponsored family for Christmas. 

The club used those funds to purchase the family gift cards to buy groceries, clothing and presents for their children, Moresco said.

This year the Los Gatos Lions raised $3,375 in Target, Safeway, Toys r Us, Macy's and Sears gift certificates, Moresco said.


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