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Campbell's Shea Shaw Turns 16 Today

The family of a Campbell teen who was hit by a car and left in a coma celebrate her 16th birthday.

Shea Shaw turns 16 today, Friday, just two days shy of four months since her life was changed forever.

The Los Gatos High School sophomore was on Jan. 8 after crossing the street and has been in a coma ever since.

"It’s still baby steps of progression," says Robbie Shaw, Shea's father. "Her eyes are not fully open, but she is squinting at us. She sees us. She’s getting rehab at home now. Not as much as we’d like to see, but it’s what the insurance is giving us now."

Shea was released from the hospital on April 21. She's been home for 15 days now.

The family is searching for physical and occupational therapy for their daughter, and Shaw still hopes for witnesses of the hit-and-run to come forward.

"In the video, it showed so many people around her," he says. "If they could just help identify the vehicle, it’s a plus. They can remain anonymous."

It's been tough for all the family, especially on Shea's birthday.

"But she’s a fighter, and she’s going to pull through this," he says.

In Los Gatos, Carrie Shaw, Shea's mother is putting feathers in children's hair at , where she works. Shaw will do the first feather free and any subsequent one for $5. Donations are encouraged.

"Carrie just wanted to do something nice for Shea's birthday," says Christine Ordaz, a hairdresser at Jigsaw.

Shaw will be out front for the next two hours.

"There's been a lot of people out there, so she may be out there longer," Ordaz says.

Her family and friends still rally around her, and fundraisers to help the family with medical costs have been ongoing.

Joseph Graham heard about Shea through his mother. She is friends with Michelle Bowen, the wife of Shea's father, Robbie Shaw.

"I've never met Shea, but I just really felt for her and for what my mom was feeling," Graham says. "The only thing I could think to do is support Robbie with some sort of donation."

Graham owns Any Haul, a South Bay junk hauling and construction site cleanup company based in San Jose, and will offer 15 percent of each job to the Shea Shaw Donation Fund, as well as a place to donate online.

The effort has been in place for two weeks now, and Graham says the goal is to raise $20,000-$25,000 for the family.

Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank to the and will specifically assist Shea's family with her medical bills.

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run is asked to contact San Jose Police Department at 408-409-5339.

vikki graham ( not too shabby) May 07, 2011 at 01:14 AM
Dear Shea, its me Vikki Graham........... remember our visit at the hospital? remember sweetheart when i held on to ur hand n prayed? it was so hard for me to leave...... i just wanted to spend the rest of my day's beside you, it was only the second time we had met....... you won my HEART ! As i was holding ur hand and praying ur eyes closed tight, i looked up to see a TEAR coming from the corner of ur eyes, Michelle reached over n GENTLY wiped ur TEAR away..... as Michelle took you out to the patio to take in some sun, i watched as she put on a pair of SUN GLASSES to protect ur eyes from the glare, i watched Michelle COVER u with a blanket to protect ur BODY from the SUN..... i had to leave........MY HEART WAS CRYING ! FOR YOU.....FOR HER.........& her FATHER & SWEET ALEA ! I KNEW YOU WERE IN GOOD HAND'S as i watched the way Michelle took care of you, she played SOFT music for you & rolled up towels to prop up ur head, rolled towels n positioned under ur arm's to keep you comfortable.....Michelle you ARE SHEA'S ANGEL ! ..... I STARTED ( BE AN ANGEL FOR SHEA WEBSITE ! & WITH MY BUSINESS ( not too shabby ) along with my son's business ( any haul ) .... WE INTEND TO RAISE $ 1.00 donation's & HELP SUPPORT for medical bill's ! www.angelforshea.com
vikki graham ( not too shabby) May 07, 2011 at 02:23 AM
SORRY ! ....... MIS SPELLED OUR WEBSITE ! GOOGLE : www.angelsforshea.com our website is still under construction however, you may continue to make donation's to ( WELLS FARGO BANK - SHEA SHAW DONATION FUND ) .....OR STOP BY ( NOT TOO SHABBY - @ 481 S BASCOM AVE SAN JOSE CA 95128 ) 408-590-8372 ask for Vikki & WILL MATCH ALL DONATION'S WHEN U MENTION (CAMPBELL PATCH ) ! WE ACCEPT : cash/ checks/ VISA /MC/DISCOVER/AMX................. BE AN ANGEL FOR SHEA! :) WE THANK YOU : ) THE GRAHAM FAMILY!
Catherine Bloom May 11, 2011 at 06:21 AM
@ Vikki: I'm really sorry to hear this about your granddaughter. Stay strong. I'm sure she'll need you as soon as she wakes up. Mostly before then, though. People are reported to understand some of what goes on outside while they are in a coma
Natalie May 14, 2011 at 07:01 PM
Happy Birthday to you Shea! God Blesses you each and every day! I just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers! It is wonderful to read that you are home with your family and that so many people are coming together in support of your recovery, family and friends! You are truly an amazing spirit! With love and God Speed Get well! Natalie Branden


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