Bikes, Bugs and a Pitch for Pets

Five great places to take the kids this weekend.

When/Where: 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, , 21 W. Main St.

Why Go: Time for story hour at Automobuild, with cars, crafts and cookies, too. When the kids gather, Automobuild conducts an interactive story hour plus a demonstration of its latest toys. Snacks, too. Ideal for children older than 3.

Pricing: Free

When/Where: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, Sanborn Park, 16055 Sanborn Rd., Saratoga.

Why Go: This is the day for everything you (and your child) wanted to know about insects but were afraid (or didn't want) to ask. As the event organizers say, walking sticks, silkworms and hissing cockroaches will be there, so why not you? At this family oriented hands-on affair children and adults get an up-close look at live insects, spiders, scorpions, millipedes and more. There will be children's crafts, face painting and bug-themed snacks.

Pricing: Free, donations requested; $6 parking fee.

When/Where: 8:30 a.m., Saturday, Almond Grove neighborhood, Tait and Nicholson avenues.

Why Go: This is the year event put on by the Los Gatos  Bicycle Racing Club. It's a day of bike racing, including a kids' race. It's a day of excitement, not just for the racers, but for those cheering them on as well. It's a Los Gatos tradition, not to be missed.

Pricing: Nothing to watch. For registration information, check at Cat's Hill bike race.

When/Where: 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturday, , 901 Ames Ave., Milpitas.

Why Go: If you are looking for a pet, specifically a small dog, this is your day to adopt one. This is the Humane Society Silicon Valley's small dog  adoption extravaganza. The focus will be on small dogs—Chihuahuas and small-breed dogs from Bay Area animal shelters and specialty breed rescue groups.

Pricing: Free.

When/Where: 12-4 p.m., Sunday, , 14855 Oka Rd.

Why Go: Your second chance to adopt a rescued dog or puppy this weekend. Or if you're still not ready to commit to adoption, you can consider fostering a dog through the Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) of San Jose.

Pricing: Free


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