Whiz Kid of the Week-Priscilla Widjaja

Priscilla Widjaja
Priscilla Widjaja

Priscilla Widjaja, 11

Schools: sixth-grader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School and Young Genius Bay Area Speech and Debate Academy in Saratoga


•  Octofinalist in Oratory Speech event at Harker Middle School Speech and Debate Tournament in December 2013as a part of Young Genius bay Area Debate speech and debate team.

•  National Junior Speech/Debate League member with Young Genius Bay Area Debate Academy

•  First Place Winner in US Open Music Competition Junior Event in Oakland, February 2013

•  She is a member of student body council at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School for 2013-2014 school year

•  She was elected as VP of student council at Stratford School in 2011-2012 school year

•  Priscilla is member of John Hopkins program for the talented and gifted since 2011

•  Straight A’s Student

Key to Awesomeness:

Priscilla started his speech and debate career shortly after entering sixth-grade.  With her self driven and a hard working character, she decided to enter the speech and debate competition even she’s just starting a couple months earlier. 

She plays piano and competes in US Open Music Competition. She won first place in 2013 in Junior Event and was selected from all Gold Medal winners to received extra Top Gold Medalists’ Piano Awards.  She also received a high recognition with the highest score in Guild Piano Audition for two times in a row. A couple times a year, she volunteer to play at retirement homes throughout the South Bay area.

Priscilla is passionate with learning foreign languages. Currently, she is learning Chinese, Spanish, and speaks Indonesian fluently.

She’s also an avid reader. Her passion for reading started very early, her favorite’s books are The Hobbit and The Last Lecture.


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