Disney Fine Art Artist Tim Rogerson Leaves Lasting Impression at Amour d’Art

The Amour d’Art Gallery welcomed Disney Fine Art artist Tim Rogerson to its Bay Area fine art gallery earlier this May, and he left quite an impression on all in attendance. The world-renowned artist spent a charmed afternoon at 216 N. Santa Cruz Ave. in Los Gatos, Calif. this Saturday, May 10, meeting collectors and personally dedicating pieces of his original and limited edition artwork. Amour d’Art also served luscious hors d’oeuvres and fine wine courtesy of Loma Prieta Winery, the largest producer of Pinotage in North America.

Many of those who attended the Tim Rogerson event said that meeting the artist in person made the artwork even more special, and wondered whether there will be another Disney artist event soon. Though there are no plans as of yet, with the gallery still buzzing from this event and last weekend’s hugely successful Spring Wine Walk, the gallery would looks forward to upcoming opportunities to host artists from the Disney Fine Art family. As the only fine art gallery offering authentic Disney art in this part of the Bay Area, Amour d’Art has distinguished itself as the premier source for Disney Fine Art in Los Gatos.

On the Friday before the event, Tim Rogerson visited the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco with Amour d’Art Owner and Curator Carrie Scott. Tim said it was something he had wanted to see for a very long time. Ms. Scott and everyone else who had the opportunity to meet Mr. Rogerson during his whirlwind Bay Area visit was impressed by his kind and friendly demeanor.

More impressive, however, is the artist’s work itself. His recently launched Cosmopolitan POP! series, for example, has already won critical acclaim by the trade and his peers. “I want my paintings to celebrate life and stay fresh ... I try to stay away from the basic routine and technique because my joy for painting comes from the challenge of creating something entirely new,” says the artist about Cosmopolitan POP: A Series of Paintings About Everyday Life and the Games People Play. The POP series includes collections of works that showcase the lighter side of life. 


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