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Anna Gingis June 8, 2014 at 02:13 am
Leonid, It is upsetting that you have had a somewhat disappointing experience, however, you, as aRead More professional piano instructor probably know that in order for the student thrive - daily practice is a must. For a younger child, especially, it is crucial to practice (thus – parent involvement) in order for the lessons to be beneficial. There is a reason you, a music school owner and a professional piano instructor yourself, enrolled your child at the Gingis Academy. There is a reason we have had over 130 international competition winners representing our school. There is a reason our students made it to Carnegie Hall twice just in the past year. That reason is professionalism. To question our professionalism, passion or commitment to the students is somewhat silly, as the statistics speak for themselves. Just like there is a reason as to why your child has played “2 years 2 line songs from Alfred primary book”. That reason is utter lack of practicing and involvement. You were well aware, upon enrolling, that piano lessons require dedication and practice, otherwise a cancellation may take effect. While at Gingis Academy we have a vast diversity of students with different goals and abilities – our students flourish and enjoy their lessons, providing they are willing to excel, practice and attend lessons. In regards to monthly recitals held at school – we do charge $15, however, it’s completely free to the audience, making it more affordable to attend recitals, in case you wish to invite friends or family. Best of luck to you and your child in finding instruction suitable to your needs.
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